memories of summer

"Don't leave me."
"I'm not." He said.
Tears welled up in me.
"I love you." I kept repeating. He was silent.
Moments just passed and we were staring at each other.
"I have always loved you and always will, remember that. Always." he said at last and held me in his arms.


3. Miss Anna game plan

"Entre deux coeurs qui s'aiment, nul besoin de paroles, Elizabeth."

"Oh! I am sorry." Elizabeth woke out of her imagination and looked at her governess sitting next to her. "Miss Anna, what did you say just now. I have not heard that before." She tried to look interested. Miss Anna smiled looking at Elizabeth. She knew that her student had no interest in learning French today.

"It meant, No words are needed between two hearts in love. Marceline Desbordes- Valmore wrote it, what do you think?" Anna explained and questioned. Elizabeth looked at her teacher for a moment and thought about what she just said.

"I believe that words are always required. Even when two people are in love they need words to express what they feel or else how can they understand each other. This is not a fairy tale and people lie, deceive and break promises. Even the words said are lies most of the times." Elizabeth said calmly. Anna just listened to what her student had to say.

"Elizabeth, did you read a tragedy today or yesterday night, maybe?" inquired Anna.


"What made you think so then?"

Elizabeth sighed. "I think so because I know so." Anna looked concerned now. She was curious now. Elizabeth had looked inattentive throughout the whole study this morning. Something was surely disturbing Elizabeth and now she wanted to know for her student was more than a friend and sister to her than just a student. She also knew that Elizabeth felt the same way about Anna too. 

"Liz", said Anna now not as a tutor but a friend. "Is something bothering you?" She asked politely.

"Anna, I got a letter from Francis yesterday", Elizabeth answered honestly. 

Anna did not bother asking why she did not say anything earlier. She knew Elizabeth, she knew that Elizabeth would never trouble anyone, not even her dearest people with her problems. She always try hiding her problems.She would however share with Anna everything upon being asked.

"I was so shocked, you know he is coming back." Elizabeth confessed. Anna did not say anything and kept on listening. "He will be coming within two weeks. Anna, what am I going to do?"

"What happened between you two? I thought you were best friends." 

"We were, we are, I do not know Anna. He stopped writing. I wrote and wrote and he never wrote me back. He was the only friend I had and he left me. He did not keep his promise. He stopped writing to me. And all of a sudden, after almost two years he writes to me saying he is coming back."

Elizabeth hangs her head down.

"Liz, are you okay?" Anna came towards her and hold her face in her hands. Elizabeth looked troubled. 

"Liz, let's go to the baker shop downtown." Anna stood up and dragged Elizabeth on her feet. 

"Okay Miss Anna." Elizabeth smiled. 

Downtown, they got to the small baker shop owned by Mr. James Richardson. He was old and lived alone. He was a very lively person and both Elizabeth and Anna loved talking to him and eating all sorts of pies there.

"Hello, Mr Richardson." Elizabeth gave her greetings. 

"Hello Miss Elizabeth, Miss Anna." Anna bowed and greeted back. Elizabeth went inside the kitchen room and Anna followed her. Inside the kitchen room they got seated in their usual place in the corner and waited for their treat.

"Girls, here is your favorite cranberry pie."

"Thank you!" Anna replied. Elizabeth had already started eating.

In that shop of Mr. Richardson, Elizabeth for the first time after getting the telegram forgot about Francis. Anna knew that when she saw her friend then, her plan had worked.

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