memories of summer

"Don't leave me."
"I'm not." He said.
Tears welled up in me.
"I love you." I kept repeating. He was silent.
Moments just passed and we were staring at each other.
"I have always loved you and always will, remember that. Always." he said at last and held me in his arms.


1. A surprise

"Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Where are you?" called out Mrs. Foster for her daughter from the drawing room. Upstairs in the east wing of the mansion, a young girl of 15 hastily closed the journal she was writing on. She hid it under the bed and made her way to the drawing room before her mother could order a searching party for her. 

"Oh, dear where were you? I was about to send Martha to search for you.", questioned her mother and began to drink tea from her favorite china cup. 

"Mother, I was up in my room looking out of the window." said the young girl dramatically. "I was watching the birds flying out spreading their wings, listening to their chirps. Sometimes, I wish I could be a bird and fly away." She began to dance around in her flowing blue gown.

"Darling," said a middle aged man taking his eyes out of the book that he was reading. "I am glad you are not a bird because I would not want you to fly away from us." He reached out for his daughter's hand. She walked towards him and gave her hand. Her father, Master Abraham Foster held the young miss hands and made her seat near his chair. 

In that moment, she looked around. She looked at her mother and admired how beautiful her mother looked just sitting, busy knitting and drinking tea, of course. Her long straight brown hair was freely spreading over her shoulders, her blue eyes occupied on her work. She looked something out of a painting so beautiful. Her father is so lucky to have her not just because of her beauty but of her characters that makes her perfect,she thought to herself. She also knows that her mother is lucky to have her father who is a perfect gentleman and best man in New England, best person in this whole world. Everyone admired both Mr. and Mrs. Foster. They were humble and helpful people.

Our young miss, Elizabeth admired her parents and loved them dearly. She has got traits of both her father and mother not just in terms of personal appearances but all the qualities that makes her a better person. Talking about her looks, she has a very handsome face with brown eyes, ski slope nose, thin lips and small chin. Her long curly brown hair is tied in a bun. She looks really pretty and everyone admires her too but she never really looked mirror to appreciate her beauty. She has her own flaws too like stubborn being loved by everyone. The other character that troubled Mrs Foster every now and then was her temper. 

"Miss Foster", came a voice from a middle aged woman. She looked out to Martha who called her name. Martha approached Elizabeth with a letter on her hand. "You have got a telegram", she announced.

"Telegram for Elizabeth?" Mrs. Foster questioned. 

"Yes ma'am." Martha replied and handed the letter.

Elizabeth read the sender's name and gasped. 

"Who is it from, my darling?", her father inquired, closing his book.

"Francis, papa", her mother stopped knitting and looked at her, concerned.

"I am going outside for a walk." Elizabeth announced and walked away before anyone could say a word. 

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