Based on the first chapter of The Maze Runner by James Dashner, Thomas' arrival told through the eyes of Newt, "The Glue".


1. Newt

Today was the day that another arrival came up in the Box. Newt could tell, because the whole Glade was thrown into excitement. Well, those who weren't out running in the Maze for the day.

Which was mainly Minho, as well as some others that Newt couldn't remember. Shaking his head, he tugged on a shirt and limped out of his room, only to be greeted by Alby.

"Alright shuck-face?" The teen smirked at him, and clapped him on the back. "I was wondering when you'd emerge from your quarters, and was thinking that you'd been taken by night Grievers or something!"

A smile forced its way onto Newt's face, as he spat out, "Stop talking klunk Alby. I need to eat and then make sure everyone's ready for the new arrival."

And after he pushed past Alby, he ventured over to Frypan's kitchen, and ate greedily, before leaving his plate and pacing up and down outside. 

"Everything okay Newt?" Chuck frowned, and he nodded reassuringly at the young kid.

"I'm fine Chuck. You ready to see the Greenie?" Chuck beamed at him and nodded enthusiastically. Newt smiled down, and ruffled the boy's hair, before walking over to the Box.

Already, there was a tonne of commotion from the other Gladers, as slowly the Box made its shaky, jaunty ascent into broad daylight. A voice was heard to shout, "!" And then the doors in the ground slid open, allowing sight of the Greenie.

Voices clamoured around Newt, and Alby stood next to him, saying, "Looks like a klunk in a T-Shirt."

"You're the klunk, shuck-face," Newt smirked back at him, earning him a friendly shove from the other boy.

Gally jumped down into the Box, taking a rope with him, and crouched down so he was at the boy's level. "Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade."

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