stars were her friends

Colton never really paid attention to her but when he moved next to her he started to feel something


1. girl with the stars

"Colton could you please put Audrey to bed?" mum asked while unpacking boxes on kitchen. "sure." i smiled. "Audrey time to go to bed." i said and my cute four years old sister took my hand as we walked in her new room. "could you read me the story of the teddies?" she asked with cute voice. "sure."  i smiled. Audrey was the most precious thing to me in the world besides my mom. family was everything to me. dad wasn't around but it didn't matter, i didn't even like that asshole anyway. i sat at her bed reading her favorite book and saw her eyes get heavy as she fall in sleep. i kissed her cheek and put the book on the nightstand and as i closed the lamp i saw someone walking in the dark. i only saw the figure of the person it was clearly girl she was smoking and next to her run a small dog, i only noticed it because the dog had small light on the band. what was she doing? it was dark and late. clearly taking the dog but. i silently closed the door and said to my mom goodnight and walked in to my room. she was still there she sat on the road talking with her dog and blew the poison from her lungs and looked the sky. the only light what made me even see her was the stars what were sparkling brightly. i opened my window to get better look. "isn't the sky beautiful?" she asked smiling to dog what sit next her. "bobby lets go, my goddamn cigarette finished." she said and the dog followed her in the darkness. who was she? 


"bye mom and Audrey." i yelled as i stepped out the house. someone got out too from the house in front of us. i knew her she was at same school she had headphones one and when her eyes me mine she just narrowed her head and stared me for a while as she walked down the stairs and then she looked her phone and kept walking in front of me. i walked on the bus stop what was near and she already stood there. i sat in front of her at the bus. i saw Kelly getting in and rolled my  eyes little. don't sit next to me, don't sit next to me. but she stopped and sat next to me. "Oh hey Colton,isnt your stop at next?" she asked. "Oh i moved." i said. "cool, where?" she asked brushing her blond hair back and giving me flirty smile. really Kelly really? "to west hill." i said. "oh." her face dropped. "isn't it boring and shitty are right." she said. "excuse me?" i asked not really getting it. "that freak lives there too." she said pointing seat in front of us. "who?" i asked. "Coralie Berry." she said with disgusted tone. "oh okay." i said sounding bit unsure. the hole ride she blabbered about her hair and all boring stuff and i just nod not having  a idea what she was talking about and not even paying attention in to it


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