stars were her friends

Colton never really paid attention to her but when he moved next to her he started to feel something


2. been strong too long



every time when i put my sister sleep and after i had kissed her cheek and closed the lamp i saw her walking on the street sometimes she wasn't smoking but usually she was. they called her freak, no one never really talked to her,but she didn't seem lonely at all. my window was open as i tried to sleep. "Coralie!" i heard someone yelling. "no mum i'm not coming in, i need to be alone! he didn't deserve that." she yelled back. her voice was unique just like she was. i kinda admired her. "shit.. don't cry, don't cry." i heard her voice. "you are not weak." she told her self. i took shoes and quietly jumped out the window. her dog wasn't with her. she stood back turned to me. i took quiet steps towards her feeling the nervousness take my body as i got closer to her. "what are doing here?" she asked not turning.  i wasn't sure if she was talking to me. "yeah, i'm talking to you." she said turning around. "did i say it aloud?" i asked carefully. she kinda scared me. "no, you didn't." she said biting her teeth. it was dark but i still could see her make up what was on her cheeks. she had cried her eyes were red and full of pain. wind brushed her hair to her face she quickly brushed her hair away behind her ear. "what are doing here?" she asked again with cold tone. she was cold like ice. "i heard you." i said quietly. "heard what?" she asked raising her eye brows. "you are crying." i said not answering to her questions. she crying the tears never seemed to stop. i have never seen someone crying like she was. her face was hard not showing and emotion but her eyes were. tears kept streaming from her eyes unstop. her tears were big. how could do that. how could she keep her face so calm and hard not breaking like everyone did when they cried. "yeah, i am. you would cry too if your freaking brother would have got killed yesterday." she said coldly. "i'm sorry." i said. "i don't want your pity." she said. i nod taking deep breath. "why cant i make my tears stop?" she said looking the sky. "i really don't know." i said quietly. "gosh, i though i hated him. he treat me like shit since i was born." she whispered. "he didn't love me like you love your sister." she said. "what?" i asked bit socked. " i have seen you play with her at the yard." she explained. "oh." i said. "maybe he had shitty way to show it. every brother loves her sister." i said. "maybe." she said. "he had his own problems." she whispered. "i hope i could have helped him." she said. "it wasn't your fault." i whispered. she looked me her tears still streaming from her eyes. "i really want to stop crying." she said. " i never cry." she whispered. "sometimes you just need to cry. everyone cries. there's nothing bad about crying." i said. "crying is for weak. i'm not weak." she said. "like they say crying doesn't mean you are weak it means you have been strong too long." i said. "let me help you." i said softly. "how?" she asked. her voice was still cold. "hug me." i said. "what?" she asked her eyes wined. "it helps." i said. "okay.." she said hesitating. i took step closer to her and wrapped my arms around her.first she didn't hug me back but i felt her small arms wrapping carefully against me. i felt her fast heart beat. she cried. 




it was like the hard lump in my throat went away. the hard weight on my back what just got heavier more than i let the tears drop went. he was warm. as he kept her muscular arms around me. brushing my hair softly whispering. "it's okay."  its been while since i had hugged someone. we pulled away. i felt his hand brush my wet tears away. i didn't feel more tears drop. it had stopped. "thanks." i said. "it's fine." he nod. "i think i have to go." i said awkwardly. "me too." he said. "Coralie!" he said. he knew my name? "i'm Colton." he said. 


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