What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


13. What happened?

I woke up when Sam leaned over me. He poured the blood between my lips and I was quick to drink. I needed it and I needed strength. He smiled cold towards me and when I was full, he sat down next to me. I noted that I was lying on a floor in an old cottage. I had no idea where I was and I didn't know how long I had been dead, or gone, or sleeping.
"What happened?" I got out of me. Sam just smiled and he seemed to not understand that I was against it all. 
"You saved me." he said with a confident voice. "You let me free and now I intend to do everything I have planned." 
I frowned. Something told me that he planned things that wouldn't make me happier. I sat up and I noticed that all the windows were blocked. Most likely it was day outdoors and Niall would certainly look for me, as soon as it was night again. Still, I felt insecure. Maybe that Niall and all others were angry at me? Maybe they would punish me for what I did? 
"He has been looking." Sam said easily. I understood that he read me like an open book. I sighed and I tried to collect myself. 
"Now that you are free, you can release me." I said but he just shook his head. 
"No, you'll stay with me." He smiled and I saw how confident he was. "You belong to me, you have always belonged to me."
I was just about to say something mean, when he quickly threw himself over me. He pushed me down with all his weight on the floor and he grabbed my wrists. He pushed up my arms over my head, and his face landed just a few inches above mine.
"You're mine!" he hissed cold and I was almost afraid. His eyes were black and his teeth shone between his lips. "You will obey me and I'm your God."
I swallowed. He was strong and I had no power to resist.
"I'm with Niall." I whispered. Sam just smiled and he looked at me with disgust.
"Not anymore." he read like a hissing snake. "You are mine and you should just be grateful that I will protect you. I could have chosen to kill you, but I will let you live and you'll thank me for it."
I swallowed again and I felt his weight was above me. I almost couldn't breathe and I was scared.
"Thank you for not killing me." I whispered uncertainly. "Can you please release me?"


As soon as it started to become late evening was Sam getting us ready to leave the cottage. He took out a backpack and he gathered up blankets. He kept his eyes on me the whole time and he had total control over me. 
"Shouldn't we escape from the others?" I asked. He shook his head and he went to the door. He opened it and I saw that the darkness began to thicken up. He then turned around to me and he stretched out his hand, so that I could take it. 
"Come now!" he murmured cold. "We will look for more food. I need strength, and it takes a few days to get back to the perfect condition." 
I didn't dared to say no and I took his hand. We went out in the woods and I noted that we were far away from a town or village. 
"Is that your house?" I asked, but Sam didn't answer. He pulled me with confident steps, and he had a goal. I didn't know what he was thinking and I couldn't even read his thoughts.


We moved in silence. The only thing I wondered was if Niall would find me. Maybe he wasn't looking for me and that thought scared me. I didn't want to be forgotten and I wanted to be saved.


We went to a house, where common people lived. I heard they ate supper. A man and a woman. Sam pulled me up the stairs and I was surprised when he just went straight into the house. He didn't let go of my hand until we were standing in the middle of the kitchen. The couple just stared at us and I understood that they didn't know Sam. 
"Excuse me, but..." 
The man hadn't time to say anything more. Sam threw himself over him, and he cut his teeth down in his throat. The woman began to scream and I was just scared. I stared at Sam as he took the man's life and he didn't even seem to care that he killed. 
"Eat!" he hissed at me. He nodded toward the woman and I understood that he wanted me to kill her. She looked frightened, and she stared at me with wide eyes. I felt her panic and I felt her agony. Instead of killing her, I backed off and I ran out of the house. I could just imagine how Sam just stabbed the man as if he were food and I just wanted to puke. The woman screamed some more before she became quiet. Sam had killed her, and I didn't want to stay around the house.


"You're a wimp!" 
Sam came out of the house and he wiped the blood off his face. He smiled wide and I saw how happy he was. 
"You would have eaten!" He said cold. "I ordered food and you just ran away?" 
I swallowed and I had no idea if he even wanted to understand me. 
"I've never killed." I whispered. He giggled and he caught up my face with both hands. He forced me to look at him and he seemed amused. 
"You must learn to live as a vampire, a real one. You have to eat at some point and if you don't eat soon, you become so hungry that you kill a whole village." 
I just wanted to disappear. I realized he was right, but I couldn't kill. I didn't have that ability.


I don't know where we were or where he wanted to go. My throat was dry and I began to realize that I soon had to have blood. Sam noted that I became paler and he smiled big at me. 
"Next time you get food, don't say no then." 
I sighed. 
"But I can't kill." 
He snorted and he stopped me. He looked straight at me and he seemed to think. 
"In the world there are people who kill for pleasure. What we do is to survive and we must have food. You can kill a cow and take its blood, but you can't survive. You have to have people and you have to eat them."
I just wanted to puke. I knew I wouldn't be able to kill a single person, but Sam seemed aware that my choices were few. 
"Come on!" he whispered confidently. "You have to kill in order not to die."


Sam made ​​me do it! 


We came to some houses and he chose the victim with care. The man wasn't exactly old, but he wasn't young. He was also one of those people who weren't nice and when I noted that he had taken advantage of women, the choice wasn't difficult. I could kill him with a clear conscience, even that I just hated the plot. 
"You will be like me one day." said Sam. I shook my head and I dropped the body. 
"I will never be like you." 
He smiled and he wiped my mouth with a cloth. 
"Well, you're about to learn from a pro. You will one day see the benefits of being me."
I didn't want to be like him. I wanted to be like Niall and I wanted to drink blood from a bottle. 
"Niall's a wimp." Sam whispered hoarsely, and he pulled me into his arms. He looked at me with more respect toward earlier and he almost seemed to like the idea that I had just killed a man. "You shouldn't listen to him and you should listen to me."

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