What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


3. Want!

When we arrived at the headquarters, for the vampires, I couldn't do more than smile. Everyone seemed surprised that I had made my choice and I felt proud of myself. Niall held my hand tightly and we walked up to the throne. He took the microphone and he looked upon all who were in the room. All stared at us and there was a tingling throughout my body. I felt throughout in my body their expectations and I could almost imagine that everything could only get better. 
"Lilly's one of us!" I heard Niall say. All cheered, applauded, and I saw that no one was against me. "And from now on, have a queen." 
Okay, now I was startled. I let my gaze drift over to Niall. That last I hadn't said yes to, or had I? Niall smiled reassuring to me and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. 
"Darling, this is your destiny and you can't say no to the future?" 
I felt my stomach tingled. The thoughts whirled around. 
"But if they don't want me as their queen?"
Niall laughed a little bit and he was almost glad that I asked. He looked over the other again and he smiled big. 
"If you don't want to have Lilly as your queen, raise your hand." 
I was shaking all over when I once again let my eyes slide out of the room. I didn't see a single arm in the air. Niall was satisfied and he looked at me. 
"There, you see?" 
I swallowed. 
"But I ..." 
He didn't care, as usual, that I hesitated. In my head was the word queen spinning around like a damned spirit. I didn't like the word and I wasn't ready to take on such responsibility. I had just become one of them and everything was already overwhelming enough. 
"We will arrange for a coronation, and then it's just for you to learn from me." 
I looked at Niall. He was serious? 
"Okay!" I whispered uncertainly. "If you say so?" 
He nodded. 
"I know what's best and I know this is the right path. You will understand one day why I chose you."


Perrie hugged me hard and she giggled a little bit. 
"I was overjoyed when I heard you let him bite you yesterday." She released me and her whole face lit up. "You are truly born to be one of us and I promise you wont regret it." 
I smiled in response. I realized that she was my friend, and after all that had happened, she was on my side. 
"Thank you!" 
Harry and Louis came up to me and hugged me as hard as Perrie had done. It was as if everyone wanted to congratulate me and it was as if everyone had known about what had happened, before I knew about it.
"Niall sent the information out as soon as you fell asleep." Harry explained cheerfully. "He was happy and he made sure that you quickly went over to become one of us." 
I didn't remember much from that part of the evening. I remembered only that he bit me and then everything changed. 
"Niall has dreamed about this day long." Louis continued. "He has really been looking for you and now that you are here, we are all happy for you and him." 
I just stared at him. What if I wasn't the right person? 
"Thank you?" 
Louis laughed and he seemed to read my thoughts. 
"Believe me, you're the only one that's created for this." 
I chose to just smile and I nod. It served nothing to say against them, and they all seemed to trust Niall to hundred percent. Maybe I should do the same thing? Trust him?


Something happen with my body. I felt a faint scent sweep into the room and for some reason, I spun around. I noticed a girl who showed up and direct all my senses seemed to land on her. I had no idea why, but right as it was, I realized. She wasn't a vampire, she was a human. I felt her scents wrapped around me and I was hungry. I heard her heart pumping blood around and I felt how her body worked. It was as if someone had put a plate of meat in front of me and I just wanted to throw myself over the food.
"No, my dear!" 
Harry grabbed hold of my wrist and he understood what was happening with me. He shook his head, and he seemed almost angry at me. 
"It's against our law to throw us over people." he whispered. "Don't even think about the idea to kill her and you don't have the experience to bite her yet." 
I frowned and I tried to get free. 
"Let me go!" 
Harry smiled and he continued to hold tight around my wrist. 
"No, you stay here."
The urge was big. I felt all over the belly that I wanted blood. I could feel every part of me sighted in on that girl and I just wanted to bite. Maybe a little bite at the edge? 
"Sweetheart, you can't!" 
Niall had come up to us. He took his arms around me and he hugged me from behind. Harry let go of my wrist, but now Niall kept me fixed. 
"No!" he whispered firmly in my ear. "This is what we need to practice on. When you feel the urge, you must be able to turn it off." 
I snorted. 
"Please, I want blood!" 
Niall laughed a little bit and he kissed my neck. 
"When we get home, you will get a whole bottle." 
I wasn't happy and I was almost surprised that I reacted like a child had done. 
"But I want it now!"
Niall shook his head and then he looked at Harry. 
"Find out who she is and take her away from here. No ordinary person can come here until Lilly has learned to deal with it all." 
Harry nodded, and he vanished away. I sighed and I tried to get free of Nialls arms, but he held me tight. 
"Darling, you can't!" he said, and he sounded almost like a father talking to his daughter. I felt run over and I was hungry. 
"Niall, I'm not a child." 
"Stop acting like one then." 
I snarled. 
"I just want to smell her." 
He held me in his arms almost harder. 
"No, I know you're not only going to smell."
The smell started slowly vanish away. I was desperately looking for the girl with my eyes, but I realized that she had left the house. Niall noted that I calmed myself down, and eventually he was able to let go of me. As soon as I only felt the smells from vampires, I looked at him. I realized how stupid I had been and I was ashamed. Niall just smiled and he ran his hand through my hair. 
"You have a lot you need to learn before I can let you loose." 
I frowned. 
"Will I always feel this way?" 
He had no good answer. 
"Just as long as you allow the vampire in you to do so." he whispered tenderly. "I promise you to learn how to have control over all the parts inside you and one day you can be right in the city without worry."
I nodded and I understood. The urge I had felt had taken over my whole existence, and I had almost been desperate. 
"When do I start to train?" 
Niall smiled and he looked at me with love. He looked at me with his lovely eyes, and he filled me with hope. 
I nodded. 
"As soon as we have woken up?" 
Niall nodded. 
"And I'll teach you everything that you should know. You have the ability to move mountains, if you like, only you believe in yourself."
It attracted. 
"And fly?" 
He laughed and he nodded. 
"Yes, you can both fly and run fast. You can't imagine what it is that you can't do. The world lies before you."

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