What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


10. Voices and Truths

During the night there was dancing. Direct I noted that Perrie watched Zayn and I smiled a little bit. Niall was busy talking politics with a guy, so I had nothing to do. I walked up to her and I took her hand. Without asking for permission, I pulled with me Perrie to Zayn and I smiled big at him. 
"Do you know that Perrie's really a good dancer." 
He was startled. He stared at first only at us and then he blushed. I realized I had done the right thing. He was also interested in her. 
"And that means?" he asked silly. I smiled and I put Perrie front of him. 
"You two are going to dance and that's my claim." 
I left them quickly and I heard that they started dancing behind me. I chose to go back to Niall, but on the way there, I heard Sam's voice again. 
"Come to me and I promise you more than what they can give you." 
I was angry. Why couldn't I go to the grave and talk to him? Sam didn't seem to hear my thoughts when I roared away. I swallowed and I wondered if anyone would see that I lost a few minutes? I just wanted to look him up and tell him I wasn't interested. I spun around and I would just walk to the door, when Harry got in the way. He looked straight into my eyes and I realized he had been eavesdropping on my thoughts. 
"Let him just be." he whispered hoarsely. "He's only going to get control over you and everything will end up with that you get him up from the ground." 
I blushed, because he had understand my plan, but I felt even disappointed. 
"He never stops!" 
Harry smiled and he shook his head. 
"No, he will never stop." 
I felt discomfort. How would I be able to get away his voice? 
"Talk with Niall!" whispered Harry and I understood that he meant well. I was still not sure that I dared. "He's not going to get angry and he will understand." 
I hesitated. I peeked on Niall. He sat and was talking with the man. He smiled and he just seemed to enjoy the evening. 
"Can I do it tomorrow?" 
Harry shook his head quickly. 
Harry caught up Nialls attention. My beloved prince looked surprised but pretty quickly he left his chair and he came over to us. 
"What happened?" 
Harry smiled and he made ​​sure I stayed

"You and Lilly have to talk." he said. "It's something you must know about." 
Niall looked at me. He looked worried and he almost seemed to be afraid that I had changed my mind, about everything. 
"Okay!" he said softly. "We go to a different room."


"What is it darling?" 
I hesitated and I felt how I was shaking all over. Why was I scared? What could Niall do? 
"I like..." I looked down at the floor. Niall came up to me and he took his arms around my waist. He made ​​sure I looked up at him again and then he smiled. 
"You can tell me everything." he whispered. "I can't read your mind tonight, so you must tell me what it is." 
I nodded and then just ran the words out of my mouth. I told him about the first time I heard Sam's voice, about what Harry had said, and eventually I ended up in the present time. Niall was pale, but he wasn't angry. Instead, he released me and he seemed absent. It become silence in the room and I heard from a distance how everyone else partied in the house. Niall seemed almost ending up in the mist country, but in the end, he looked at me seriously. 
"I have one thing to admit." he whispered. "I did a thing that day we buried him." 
I sat down on a chair and I stared at him. Of his eyes to judge, it was something stupid, but I wanted to hear. 
"Tell me!" 
Niall nodded and he swallowed. 
"I put a 'spell over the grave." he whispered. "When a vampire encounter a penalty should only a few persons be the one who can release him. It does so only one or two can open the grave." 
I frowned. 
"Okay and that means?" 
Niall swallowed. He avoided my eyes, and he seemed almost embarrassed, more than I had been embarrassed before.
"Lilly, only you can set him free from the punishment." 
I almost fainted. I just stared at him. 
"Is that why it's just me who hear him?" 
Niall nodded. 
"And that's why you never will go over to the grave. I didn't think he.." Niall sighed, and he seemed to lose the words. "I didn't think he would try to persuade you, not after what happened between you." 
I felt small. Would I always hear his voice like that? Would Sam always look for me and try to get me to let him loose? 
"What now?" I asked quickly. "Will he never stop?" 
Niall hesitated again. He sat down next to me and he took my hand. It was like he almost wanted to cry. 
"I will gather the Council, and I'll find out what we can do about it." He looked at me. "But in the meantime, DON'T go to Sam."
I nodded and I frowned. 
"But it's so hard to hear him all the time." 
Niall understood me. He raised his hand and he stroked my cheek tenderly. 
"I know and I'm sorry." 
I didn't know if there was anything to forgive. I just smiled and nodded reassuring to him. Niall thought for a while and he let his hand slide through my hair. 
"I'll sort this out and there's always a solution."


We went back to the party. I tried not to show a single vampire that I was worried and I tried to smile. Niall held my hand tightly and he took me to the dance floor. I was surprised when he took one hand around my waist and the other in my hand. I just stared at him, but Niall smiled a little bit apologetic. 
"I want to dance with my queen." he said kindly. "Is that okay?" 
I nodded and I blushed. I raised my free hand across his neck, and then I felt we glided across the floor. Once again I ended up in Nialls violence and I loved it. He looked at me with his blue eyes and I felt safe in his arms. I didn't see that everyone was staring at us and how everyone else left the dance floor. In the end it was just Niall and I, who spun around. It was like a good love story and I felt full with love for him and from him. 
"You're wonderful." he whispered tenderly. "You are the only one I've always wanted and I'll protect you." 
I smiled and I felt my cheeks blushed. 
"If I want to have protection?" 
He sneezed teasing. 
"You have no choice when you're with me."


Applause. When the song was over, we ended up in the real world again. I saw how everyone was staring at us and everyone rejoiced that we had danced. I blush and I felt that my whole body almost was ashamed. Niall smiled big, he bowed in thanks to everyone and then he took me off the dance floor. On the way to our seats, I saw Perrie. She sat in a corner along with Zayn and I realized that I at least had succeeded with them. Maybe they could become a couple?


Niall held my hand tightly and he stopped next to Liam's side. 
"In the morning meeting, important, in my home." 
Liam nodded and I saw the looks they gave each other. I knew what the meeting was all about and I felt almost silly. Niall would tell them about Sam before anyone and everyone would know that I had heard his voice. I shouldn't be ashamed, but that was what I felt.

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