What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


15. To run

Sam found an abandoned house, which quickly turned into our home. I was happy to have a roof over my head and we lived quite close to a city. I had slowly begun to get used to being with Sam and the memory of Niall started to become a fog.


"I'll give you a gift." said Sam one evening and he smiled at me. I didn't know what he was talking about, but I smiled at him. I started to become accustomed, that he steered me and he seemed to constantly be one step ahead of me. 
"What gift?" 
He smiled with his whole face, and he left the room. He came back and he brought with him a guy, a guy who actually looked good and he looked like a model. I was surprised, and my first thought was that he was food, but Sam shook his head quickly toward me. 
"This is Jamie and he's your slave."
I had a faint memory of that some one had told me that he had slaves, but I didn't understand what I needed a man for. I looked at Sam, who in turn just smiled contentedly. 
"You may drink his blood, have sex with him and you can decide everything over and for him." He looked at me with a mischievous look. "As I once did with you, when you weren't a vampire." 
I gasped. I saw before me how he had once control over me and now wanted Sam that I would do the same to another person. Still, the idea attracted me and I looked at the guy closely. He was tall, dark-haired, hair on his chest and he had stubble. His body was perfect with muscles and everything a girl wanted. 
Sam nodded. 
"Your own slave, and I promise you that you will love the power over him." He looked at Jamie, and it was as if Sam already had some control over the guy. "He's prefect for you Lilly."


It took me a few hours before I realized the power I had. Jamie obey everything that I asked him to do and he did it all just for me to be satisfied. 
"Did he want to be a slave?" 
Sam shook his head. 
"But with a little bit of action, he went along with it." 
I didn't know if I would trust Sam or not, but somehow I found myself in that a man was owned by me. 
"And if he wants to be free?" 
Sam laughed. 
"He's in your power, and as long as you want him, he will stay."


I don't know what happened to me or where I was going. I ended up in a state where power, blood and control was important. I stopped to think normally and I stopped to ponder whether I made ​​the right choice. The weeks turned into months and I enjoyed my new life. I missed out everything that had happened to me and now it was just here and now that mattered.


Late one day I woke up from sleep. Jamie was sleeping next to me. Sam slept in his bed and I still felt the way I was being watched. It was like I lost a part of my control and I understood that something would soon happen. Therefore, I chose to leave the bed and I sneaked in to Sam. He was sleeping with a contented smile. I knew why. He lived the life he wanted and he didn't like to change or improve something.
"Wake up!" 
He was annoyed when I bumped into him and he sat up in bed tired. 
"What is it?" 
I hesitated and I showed him that he would listen. It was something or someone that was approaching and I wasn't sure if it was a threat or not. Sam was startled and I saw at him that he knew more than me. 
"Lilly, we have to hide." 
Sam stood up and he noted that we couldn't leave the house. It was daytime outside and we had no protection.
"Get your little slave and follow me." he demanded. I obeyed. I ran out and I got up Jamie on his feet. He followed faithfully me and I followed Sam. We slid down into the cellar and downstairs there was a door, which I didn't know about. He just smiled at me and he opened it. There was a corridor that led away from the house. Sam was pleased that I was surprised. 
"This house has paths leading to the city and we can walk over there." 
I hesitated. 
"What's going on?" 
He gazed at me and he showed that he wouldn't answer the question. 
"Don't you want my protection?" 
"Yes I do." I replied quickly. "But where shall we go now? Who comes after us?" 
He grabbed my face with his hands, and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"You are mine and I will do anything to protect you. Right? Why can't you trust me and you'll just come with me."
He held my face and I recognized his harsh personality. He was aware that I was scared, but at the same time, he wanted to show he was in control. 
"We must seek a shelter where nobody looking." he whispered. "We'll wait until it's night and then we will leave this stupid country. There are better places to hide in." 
I wrinkled my nose and I tried to collect myself. 
"We hide?" 
Sam released me. 
"Yes we are hiding all others." 
I had forgotten everything from my past and I no longer understood that I should be afraid, or unsure. Sam laughed a little bit and he seemed almost amused. 
"Sweetheart, let's say that there are those who want to split up and I don't accept that a single vampire comes between us."
I knew I should remember, but my head was in a fog. 
"Are there other vampires?" 
Sam laughed and he took my hand. Quickly, he pulled me into the hallway and Jamie followed me. 
"Don't ask me a lot of questions." he said cheerfully. "Let's just say that you and I are the ones that are unique and the world belongs to us." 
I knew I should remember something. It was as if the fragments were in my head, but I couldn't collect them. 
"What other vampires?" 
He snorted and he gave me a cold look. 
"You shouldn't worry about them. You are with me and I wont let you go."


I had an uncomfortable feeling in the body. There were things that I had forgotten, important things that I should remember. Yet I didn't dared to ask Sam more questions. It wasn't suitable and I didn't want to make him angry. Personally, I wanted to know if there really were others who were like us, but maybe they were the enemy? I chose to swallow and I chose not to ask. Instead, I followed and we ended up in a house in the cemetery. Sam did so that the corridor under us became clogged, so that no one could emerge from underground and then we waited for the day would be over.


"What other vampires?" that question was spinning around in my head. I remember that I should remember, but I was empty in my mind. Sam seemed to hear my thoughts and he gave me a warning glance. 
"Don't dig into the past." he whispered cold. "It happened, it's old and you'll be with me when I go into the future."

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