What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


11. Tired, just tired

I sat on a chair in Nialls office and Harry was there. Louis was also there, and Liam and Zayn. 
"We have a problem." Niall started to say, and then he explained the voices I heard. Harry already knew about it and he smiled reassuring to me. I was quiet and I felt that it was better that everyone else was talking. 
"How do we solve it?" Louis got up and he seemed unsure if he would look at me or at Niall. "This is after all a problem?" 
I agreed because I was the one who heard voices. 
"I want Sam to understand that he doesn't have control over her." Niall said quickly. "I want him to realize that the world goes around without him." 
I know he was talking about me and I nodded a little bit. What would I say? 
"And if he doesn't understand?" Liam asked uncertainly. "He's a man who doesn't give up and we all know what power he has over us and over all around him."


Somewhere between that Sam had power and that I should be protected, I stopped to listen. I was tired in the head and all the thoughts spun around. I was glad that no one wanted my opinion, but as I slowly began to understand why they was worried, I heard Sam's voice again. 
"They're lying!" I heard him say. I froze, and I was grateful that Niall saw my reaction. He stopped and he looked straight at me. 
"Darling, what's he saying?" 
I hesitated. Everyone looked at me and it was as if everyone wanted to hear. 
"How do you mean?" 
Niall smiled against me. 
"You know what I mean?" 
I nodded a little bit and I blushed. I looked down at my hands. 
"He says you're lying."
I was surprised when Louis stood up and he looked generally angry at me and at Niall. 
"My God, he can't even let us have our own opinions?" 
Niall calmed Louis down and he showed with the entire body that no one would respond. 
"Sam wants you to react, Lou," he said quickly. "If you get angry, he will only gain more strength and we shouldn't be angry. We have him where we want him." 
Harry disagreed. 
"And if he gets Lilly to go to the grave, then?" He hesitated over the future but it was nice that the truth came out. "He has already once trying to get her to go with him, it can happen again."
Now it was Liam who responded. He looked surprised at Harry and then he looked at me. 
I hesitated and I chose to wave my hand in the air. 
"Long story." 
Niall agreed but he wanted everyone to know about all the facts. 
"When Lilly got her abilities began Sam to take advantage of it." 
Liam sighed a little bit and he looked a long time at me. He almost seemed to doubt that I had said everything and in the end, I was just annoyed. 
"I haven't gone to him yet." I said cool. "And I understand that I shouldn't. I'm not stupid." 
Still he seemed to look in my head for information, He didn't believe in me, and then he looked at Niall again. 
"She must have bodyguards." 
I stood up immediately and I looked at Niall. I didn't want to have protection, because no one threatened me, not in the normal way. 
"It sounds like a solution." I heard Niall say against my will. I was angry. 
"I don't want.................."
Niall walked up to me and he caught up my face with his hands. He looked straight into my eyes and he smiled awry. 
"I once said to you that it's my job to protect you." he brought over the words telepathically and I realized that only I could hear him. "When I feel your in danger, it's I who has the task to ensure that nothing happens." 
I sighed. 
"But ..." 
Niall kissed me lightly on the lips and then he shook his head. 
"No, you shouldn't say but..." he whispered in my head. "You must understand that I want to protect you, because you are my everything."


I was annoyed. Harry and Perrie was chosen to be my bodyguards. I wasn't keen over the idea and I didn't want to be treated like a child. 
"My will is your law." Niall said, and that was what everyone thought. I would listen to him and I would find myself in what he decided. Talk about that I wasn't allowed to have my own opinion?




I lay in bed and I tried to keep my hands over my ears. As Sam always said something, I felt all the time that he oversaw me. I crawled into the Nialls arms and I tried not to listen. 
"It will be okay!" was the only thing that was spinning around in my head. I was tired, but I couldn't fall asleep. It was as if Sam took over my mind and I hated it. Niall had said that I would let him go, I how would let go? How do you do it, when Sam constantly reminded me that he was there?


I woke with a start. Niall hugged me and he smiled wide and he was rested. 
"Darling, it's time to wake up." 
I yawned and I just wanted to sleep. I didn't answer him, and as soon as I began to move on the body, Sam was there. 
"I want no more." I wanted to say. I wanted to ask Niall to take me to the grave so that I could tell Sam to stop, but Niall refused. I had twice tried to persuade Niall, but he just shook his head and he looked at me in a special way. He refused me to try. He didn't want me to come near Sam. 
"Mmmmm...." I replied instead and I fell asleep again in. Still, I woke up quickly by the nails on wood, I heard the breath and I could feel Sam's heart pounded. Niall had time to sit up and he was going to leave me. 
"No!" I mumbled sleepily. "Do we really have to leave the bed?" 
Niall laughed and he looked at me with his lovely eyes. 
"Yes, I have lots of stuff to go through today." 
I just wanted to sleep.


I ended up in a state that was neither alive or dead. I was always tired and I always felt the need to sleep. I couldn't almost be in a normal conversation, and as soon as I almost fell asleep, Sam was there and ruined everything. I was pale and I was out of sorts. Niall was to busy with other things and I don't think he saw my change.


I had to comply. I had to go on some occasions, on some party's and at some meetings. It was as if I ended up in a vacuum. I did what everyone demanded of me and I did everything I could do as a queen, but I never got to sleep. Every time Niall had fallen asleep, began instead Sam to take control and he did everything so that I wouldn't fall asleep. 
"You're mine!" he said often. "I own the right to control you and one day you will give up and leave yourself over to me." 
I was scared and I stopped to tell Niall what Sam told me. I couldn't manage my life and Sam's words at the same time.







I know: Short chapter! 
Will be more and comment if you read.

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