What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


16. The threat

Sam opened the door and we crept through the cemetery. I had no idea what to look for or what it was that was a threat, but I knew I would be quiet. 
"They're here." murmured Sam. He pulled me along one street and Jamie followed as quickly as he could. It wasn't until I was right that it was heard movements, I realized that there were vampires around us. It sounded like bats, but not really the same sound. Sam was worried and I saw at him that danger was near by. 
"Can't we just ask them to go and leave us?" I whispered. Sam gave me immediately a cold gaze, and he didn't seem to like my proposal. 
"You don't understand?" he muttered sulkily. "It's you they're here to collect." 
I was startled and I stopped. 
Sam quickly took hold of my hand and he made ​​sure we didn't become stagnant. 
"Stop being a wimp." he hissed. "They are here to ruin it for me and I don't want you to think otherwise."

I jumped when it landed a vampire in front of us. Somehow I recognized him, but I couldn't remember who he was. He looked at me as if I should say hi or something, then he stared cold at Sam. 
"You are surrounded and there's no point to try anything." 
Sam let go of my hand and he made ​​sure I was behind him. 
"I have more power than you will ever get." 
The vampire smiled cold. He took off his cap and I noted that he had blond hair. I recognized the hair, but still stood all still in my head. 
"Let her go!" 
Sam shook his cool head and he looked quickly at me. 
"Lilly is with me." 
The blonde vampire disagreed. 
"She's not owned by you."
Sam laughed cold and I heard that he was annoyed. I wondered why not all vampires could be friends, but most likely they were enemies. 
"Niall stop acting like a king. You're just an asshole to me and I decide over my woman." 
"She's not your woman!" 
Sam disagreed. He stood with his back to me but he asked me a question. 
"Lilly, aren't you with me?" 
I hesitated. Niall, if that was his name, gave me those glances that made me hesitated. It felt like I should be on his side, but still, I couldn't remember why. When I didn't respond turned Sam around and he looked coldly at me. 
"Whose side are you on?" 
I hesitated. 
He grinning. 
"Right answered!" He then looked at Niall again. "There, you see?"
I backed off a few steps and I felt my whole body was shaking. What happened? Niall looked at me and it was as if he was searching for my understanding. His eyes were praying, and he hesitated above to proceed. I felt that I backed up and I bumped into Jamie. 
"You're free!" I whispered, and I quickly gave him a knowing look. "Turn around and run. Go back to your old life and forget all this." 
Sam noticed what I did, but for the moment he didn't care. I heard Jamie slid away and I turned around to see him one last time. It was then I saw the other vampires and I realized that we really were surrounded. 
"I will fucking kill you." I heard Sam hiss but Niall didn't seemed to be afraid. 
Sam laughed cold. 
"Through a painful death." 
Niall was determined that they would win. The vampires crept closer but Sam was only aware of Niall. I wondered if I should warn him, but at the same time I felt as if I'd just be quiet.
"You can't do anything." continued Niall and I understood that he had the patronage of the other.
"Sam!" I got out of me. "Who are they?" 
Sam didn't care to answer me, but I heard that Niall responded. 
"You use the power failure." he said. "You get her to forget, but you know she will always feel the resistance for you." 
I spun around and I looked at Niall again. Had Sam got my memory to disappear? Sam stood with his back to me and I saw at him that he was ready to defend us, or just him? 
"She remembers all that she needs to remember." He said cold to Niall and I realized that he had somehow lied to me.
"What is it I don't remember?" 
Sam snorted. 
Niall smiled a little bit and he looked at us both. 
"You don't remember me?" 
I shook my head and I really tried. 
Niall was disappointed, but at the same time, he seemed to understand me. 
"I'm your husband!" 
I had no time to react. Sam made ​​some quick moves and then he threw himself over Niall. I heard how they both changed into vampires and they flew through the air to maybe kill the other. Quickly, I felt a pair of arms around my waist and then I was lifted away, with the speed of light, from the place. I tried to resist, and I screamed, but he kept me hard in his arms. He was determined to get me away from Sam. 
"Stop it Lilly! Just stop it!"
I recognized the voice. I landed outside the city, far away from Sam and I looked at his face. Although I had met him, but who was he? 
"I should help him?" I got out of me, but the guy shook his head. 
"No, it's not your job to help Niall." 
I snorted. 
"I'm talking about Sam!" 
The guy smiled a little bit. 
"It's Niall you should help. This time, Sam's the one you should run away from."
"Who are you?" 
He laughed a little bit. 
I frowned. 
"Do I know you?" 
He nodded. 
"Yes, we are, or we were friends at one time."
I made some feeble attempts to get away from him, but quickly popped another vampire up and he seemed almost angry. 
"You stay here, little lady!" 
I wasn't angry, I wasn't scared, but I felt confused. 
"She doesn't remember you." I heard Harry say to him. "Lou, we should get her home." 
Lou shook his head. 
"Niall might need us." 
Harry disagreed. 
"And she needs to come home." 
I was startled. 
Harry nodded. 
"Home to the headquarters where you belong."


Many thoughts spun around. I wanted to help Sam, but something told me that I should stay with Harry and Lou. I heard the fight far away and I noticed that both had powers. Niall and Sam were equally strong and they knew it was a matter of life and death.

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