What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


8. The day before.

"Stand still!" 
Perrie was annoyed. I stood with the dress on and she would needle it so that she could then could sew. I sighed and I felt that I wasn't at all eager to be involved in this. 
"I stand still!" 
She laughed a little bit and she measured the length of the dress. I was shorter than the one that had it before, and I was even narrower. Therefore, there were many things that Perrie had to change. 
"This is important." she said a little more kinder. "This is an important work as I do and the dress's important to you." 
I disagreed and I continued to sigh. 
"It doesn't matter what it is I have on." I said quickly. "I want to have a more normal dress..." 
Niall showed up and I saw his eyes. He made me fall silent and he smiled at me cool. 
"You will have that dress on."
Perrie laughed a little bit and she nodded happily. She looked at me and then she inspected the dress. 
"You can take it off so that I can sew." 
I sighed and I obeyed her. Niall stood there and he let his eyes slide over my body. Perrie disappeared with the dress and there I stood, with only underwear on. As soon as I saw Nialls eyes, I blushed and I almost regretted that I had so quickly undressed myself. 
"You are so beautiful." he whispered hoarsely and he came up to me. I felt a tingle in my stomach and he smiled big. "You should walk around naked all the time." 
I blushed even more. Niall laughed a little bit and he caught up my face with his hands.
"You were born to be with me." it came out of his mouth and then he kissed me. I felt his hands slid down from my face and around my body. He pressed me against him and I gasped. He was ready to do everything with me, but in my head I was aware that Perrie could pop up and see us.
"She's busy!" Niall whispered hoarsely, and he let the kiss wander down over my neck. I understood that he always read my mind. He let his hands glide over my back and he backed me up against the wall. I groaned and I couldn't do any resistance. Niall seemed to know that he owned me. He could get me to do everything for his sake. He unzipped his fly on his pants and then he pulled them down to his knees. I felt his hardness landed on me and when he ripped my panties away, I was already totally in the fog. He took his hands under my ass and he lifted me up against the wall. I felt how he penetrated and I just wanted to scream right out of pleasure. 
"We must be silent." he muttered hoarsely against my neck, and he pounded hard me into the wall. I took my legs around his waist and I followed him in every movement. I forgot about the time and place and I felt filled with gorgeous tingling. Niall moved faster on the body and I forgot that Perrie was in the house. I groaned and I let him lead me towards the exploitation. Niall pounded harder into me. I pressed myself against him and I gasped. I wasn't aware that he was moaning as loud as me and when I reached the end, it exploded all over the world and not just in me.


I was fast and I put on my new lingerie. I saw at Perries face that she had heard us. She blushed a little bit and she had a silly smile on her face. She said nothing, but I understood. Instead, I put on the dress and in fact, I saw a big change. It was more me and I was impressed over the good job she had done. 
"I wanted to make clothes when I was younger." she said happily. "But it happened a lot of things and I never got started with the profession." 
I smiled at my reflection and then I looked at her. 
"You have done a miracle." I said honestly. She smiled gratefully and she agreed with me. 
"I'm glad you're happy." she said kindly. "It will be a big party in your honor and it's an honor that I got to do something for you."


"And you have to walk slowly up to the throne." 
I just stared at Liam. There were so many things to think about and I wanted innest inside just to be normal. 
"And what more?" 
Liam laughed and he looked at me closely. 
"There aren't many things that you must remember. It's all about taking it easy, and once you're queen, you just have to go with the flow." 
I stood in the middle of the floor. I had got my own throne, next to Nialls one and the place was filled with light and other things that others had decorated. It was the day before my big day and I just wanted to disappear. 
"It's going to be fine!" Liam said happily and he seemed to have other opinions. "Niall and you'll be perfect together and the party will beat all celebrations that we've had." 
I just sighed and I wished I could believe him. 
"And if I'm the wrong person?" I looked at him. "If I'm not the one to be your queen, what then?"
Liam just smiled and he put his hand on my shoulder, to calm me down. 
"Believe me!" he whispered hoarsely. "Niall believes and we are even more secure. You shouldn't worry about the small details." 
I sighed. I wished I didn't doubt. I wished that I too could trust that it was the right choice.




I woke from the sound: nails to wood. I was in bed next to Niall and I heard Sam calling my name again. I sat up and I tried to shut him out. Why did he think I had to hear him and what did he wanted from me? I lay down again and I crawled into the Nialls arms. I put my head against his chest and I just wanted to stop to hear that voice. 
"What?" Niall woke up easily and he yawned wide. "We should sleep." 
I held him tight and I nodded. I swallowed and the thought flashed through my head that I should tell him about Sam. I didn't hear the voice anymore, but I heard how Sam scraped his nails against the casket and I understood that he wanted to be free. Sam maybe thought that he still had me under his control? 


I fell asleep with the uncertainty in the body. I didn't like that Sam's voice popped up and I didn't even wanted to think about him. Perhaps I could block it him?

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