What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


9. The coronation

Perrie stood with me in the bedroom and she helped me with my clothes and everything that would be perfect for me. I felt like a bride dressed in black. Somehow I liked the dress. 
"You're beautiful." 
I heard that Perrie was filled with wonder. I looked at myself and I realized that she really had got the dress to fit me perfectly. 
"Thank you!" 
She took a step back, and she looked at me closely. 
"You are fortunate." she said happily. "You get the prince and half the kingdom." 
I laughed a little bit. I didn't see it in the same way and I didn't think I got half a kingdom. 
"You might find your prince one day?" I got out of me. Perrie blushed and she nodded a little bit. 
"I guess so." she murmured. "I really hope that I will meet..." 
She fell silent, and for the first time I read her thoughts. I was surprised when I discovered that it was Zayn who she was thinking of. I stopped and I just stared at her. Perrie realized that I had read her mind and she blushed. 

"Don't say anything!" 
I nodded a little bit and I tried to smile at her. 
"Why don't you make so he sees you?" 
She sighed a little bit and I saw that she was nervous about the topic. Perhaps she had feelings for Zayn long time and she didn't know how to do to catch his attention? 
"I have tried." she murmured quietly. "But I don't think he feels the same for me as I feel for him."
I hugged her and I saw almost that as my task to get her to get together with Zayn. I hadn't much experience of pairing friends, but I knew I could at least try. 
"It will be all right." I said kindly to her. Perrie nodded and she completed the hug quickly. 
"But you must be ready for the coronation." she said. "So how does it feel?" 
I smiled and I looked at myself in the mirror. 
"Good I guess?" 
She was happy and she made sure that the clothes were okay, then we went to the door.


It felt strange to be queen for something that not everyone knew anything about. I smiled to myself as I sat in the car. I wondered what my mother had said she knew the truth? I couldn't help but feel proud that I was selected, although I doubted that part. I looked out the window and I looked out on the streets. It felt like yesterday when I was a normal girl and I had no idea that vampires existed. Sometime, I had seen a vampire movie, but I had always laughed and thought that imagination surpassed everything. Now I was sitting in a car and it almost felt as if everything around me was fantasy. Maybe it was just a dream, my crazy imagination that had gotten together a wacky story? I almost wanted to pinch myself in the arm.
I heard Sam's voice. I realized that it started to become more desperate. It was as if he knew what was going to happen and he wanted to stop it. I felt a lump in my stomach and I regretted that I hadn't told Niall about the voice. Still, it felt like I had control over everything. Sam was buried, and perhaps one day he would get tired of shouting at me? I still couldn't do anything and I had no idea where he was. But I hated the sound of his nails. I had realized that he was trying to tear himself out of the coffin, but he didn't succeed.


Liam opened the car door and I woke up from my thoughts. He made ​​sure I got out of the car and he smiled big at me. I felt my stomach tingled and actually, I started to get nervous. I swallowed and I followed him up the stairs. We stopped outside the door and he couldn't let go of me with his eyes. I realized that it was because of my jewellery. I wore the jewellery he had given to me, that had once belonged to his sister.
"Are you sure..?" I was interrupted by him. 
"Lilly, I said it to you before and I'll say it again. It's an honor that you wear my sister's jewellery and I'm happy that you said yes." 
I smiled. He hugged me quickly and easily, then he opened the front door, so we could walk inside.


It felt as if I showed up in the middle of a seance or something similar. The whole room was lit with candles and it smelled good, almost like flowers. All were dressed in black and I had to walk an aisle directly towards Niall and our two thrones. I nearly fainted with nervousness, but Niall made ​​me meet his gaze. Then it was just to look at him and I felt a harmony in the body. He didn't released me and he almost sucked me in with his eyes. 
"You're beautiful!" he thought, so that I heard his words. I smiled and I blushed at the same time. I walked slowly towards him and I forgot all about the room. It was as if only Niall was there and he was everything to me.
"Come to Daddy." he thought teasingly. I was near to laugh but I managed to keep the smile. I arrived at the scene and I came up to him. I stood next to his side, and I felt how he caught my hand with his. We turned around to the other and I heard how everyone cheered.


The ceremony was quite simple. Liam was reading something in Latin and then I got a crown on my head. Niall got a crown on his head and then we sat down. We had to drink blood, the symbol of our immortality. Liam came up to us and he said something in a foreign language. I knew it was the blessing over us. I kept Nialls hand all the time and I tried to look like a queen. In my imagination, I would sit with a straight back and prove that I was worthy of the crown on my head. In reality, I wasn't sure that I even did the right things.


In the midst of it all, I heard Sams voice again. I heard his nails and I heard his voice. I heard that he didn't this time, said my name, but I couldn't make out what he said. I froze and I looked at Niall. He didn't hear Sam. Niall sat and smiled and he seemed to enjoy the whole evening. I was a little unsure and I peered out of all the premises. No one seemed to hear the same thing I heard. What was the reason? Had Sam still control over me, or was it he who had chosen that only I would hear him. 
"Come to me!" he said with a hoarse voice. "You just need me!"
I felt small. I should tell Niall. Yet it wasn't the right time and I didn't dare to destroy what was planned. 
"You're white in the face." 
Nialls voice in my head got Sam's voice disappear. I swallowed and I tried to smile. 
"I'm nervous." 
Niall was grinned a little bit and he held my hand a little tighter. 
"It's almost over, Darling, and then we'll celebrate." 
I nodded a little bit and I chose not to mention anything about what just had happened. I looked across the room and I tried to be normal. I smiled and I showed the Lilly who all wanted to see.


Zayn hugged me and Harry and Louis came up to me. Yes everyone came up to us and it was like a hug-party. 
"Thank you!" 
I smiled, I was kind and I tried to pull myself together. A queen wasn't impaired, and a queen always showed a smile, at least in my imagination. 
"You fits so well as a queen!" 
Perrie hugged me hard and I noted that she gave my dress an extra look. She was proud that she had been the one who had created it for me and I was her eternally grateful.


Niall and I ended up at the place of honor. I was surprised when it was served food, but it was nice to be busy with something. I could feel everyone watching us and I wondered what they demanded of me. What did a queen do? Maybe it was Niall who would do all the work and I would just sit and be there for him? 
"Stop brooding!" 
I smiled and I looked at Niall. He leaned slightly toward me and he gave my cheek a light kiss. 
"It's over and now you can be yourself." 
I nodded, but I still felt unsure. I had thrown myself into a role that I didn't know anything about. How would I be able to be something more than myself? 

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