What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


7. The ceremony - planing


I just stared at the dress. It was something between a wedding dress and something black that would fit on a witch. I just stared at it, but Perrie was sure of what she wanted. 
"Almost all queens have been crowned in this and I'm here to see if it fits." 
I frowned and I quickly shook my head. Niall was almost amused and he seemed to understand that I didn't like it. 
"Darling, you must." 
Perry agreed and she seemed annoyed. 
"I can change a little bit on it, but not too much." 
I looked down at it and I frowned. 
"Please, I can't have that thing on me. It's not me!" 
Niall just smiled and he came up to me. He pulled his hands through my hair and then he looked straight into my eyes. 
"Perrie can sew and modify it, but you must have the original."
I shook my head, but Niall caught up my face with his hands and he forced me to nod. 
"Believe me." he whispered tenderly. "When you get to your coronation you will understand." 
I frowned. I tried to swallow and I looked at him. 
"But I..." 
Niall smiled and he made me silent. 
"Come on, sweetheart. Can't you do this for me?" 
Stupid Niall! Stupid idiotic Niall! He knew I did everything for him. I grunted and I made myself free from his hands. 
"But can't I get to choose the dress on my own?" 
Perrie started laughing and I looked coldly at her. Niall seemed to understand why she was laughing and he cleared his throat a little bit. 
"This dress is part of our history and many women before you have had it on." he said politely but firmly. "It's a part of the symbolism and it's a part of the whole act."
I shook my head and I didn't agree with them of the requirements that existed. 
"But we don't live in the Middle Ages?" 
Niall smiled. 
"But there are expectations and all the others will expect you to have this dress on, altered change, or as it is." 
"And that's the whole point." Perrie filled in. "If I were to become queen, I would cry with happiness at getting to wear something that my ancestors had." 
I felt run over. 
"But we don't live in.." 
"The Middle Ages?" Niall completed the sentence for me and I gave him a cold stare. He was just amused and he did everything to annoy me. I was close to boiling over with rage and I almost stamping my foot to the floor. 
"And what do I win to have that dress on?"
Niall pulled me into his arms and he kissed me lightly on the lips. 
"My heart, my trust and my respect?" 
"And I look up to you." Perrie filled in. I sighed and I looked at the dress again. 
"I hate the arms!" 
She lit up. 
"So then we take them away, just like that?" 
Niall smiled big at me and he kissed me again. He understood that I met him halfway and he was happy. 
"Thank you, Darling!"




I ended up in a dark fog. I practiced the speech that I would keep. It took hours before I even understood how I would move during the ciceroni and I only had headache from it all. Why did I have to become queen?




Liam came up to me and he had a box in his hand. He took me to a corner, so that we could talk freely, without others around us. 
"At one time it was intended a woman that could be a queen, but at the last second started a war and she died." He looked at me with his brown eyes and I noted that he wanted to be serious. "She never became queen, but the king had made ​​jewellery for her honor and when she died it got lost." 
I nodded a little bit, so he knew I was listening to him. Liam gulped and took a breath. He opened the box and there was a necklace, ear pendants and a bracelet of silver, with black stones. 
"I want you to grace me the honor to have them on you?" 
I just gasped. I stared at the jewellery and then at him. 
He smiled. 
"I've known about these for ages and I've known that she will turn up who deserve them." He looked at me. "You deserve to have these on you, and I want to give them to you as a gift."
I felt Nialls arms around my waist and he hugged me from behind. He smiled wide and he kissed me lightly on the neck. 
"I already said yes." he whispered to me. "Liam asked me before, if he would dare to ask." 
I swallowed, and I realized that this was something big. I saw at Liam that it was something important and I didn't want to disappoint him. 
Direct rail Liam up and he laughed with happiness. He gave Niall the box and then he backed a few steps in a bow. 
"Thanks Lilly, Thank you for this honor!"


"Niall, why was it so important for Liam that I said yes and that I should have them on me during the ciceroni?" 
Niall smiled and he kissed me lightly on the lips. 
"It was his sister who was the future queen, and when she died didn't Liam wanted that the jewellery would disappear. He believed that they were a part of her, of their soul."
I understood. 
"So his sister was going to be queen?" 
Niall nodded. 
"Liam, me and Harry are old souls. We have lived long enough to learn from our mistakes and to teach our self what's important." he whispered. "Liam cling to the memory of those who are dead, and he's still pleased that it's still going foreward."


I was surprised at how important my coronation was for everyone. Personally, I only saw it all as a transition and I didn't think I was going to be an important person, but everyone else didn't share my opinion. 
"You are what we need." Louis said to me and he smiled big. "We have been waiting for a queen long enough and now that you're here, do we become more united." 
I swallowed and I felt a little less. 
"But I'm just me?" 
He laughed. 
"And that's what we love."

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