What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


23. That day!!!!!

The birthing contractions was set in motion during the wrong time. It was the daytime and we couldn't get across the town to Simon. I lay in bed and I screamed in pain. Niall had panicked and he rang many calls before he got hold of Simon. Personally, I wasn't in a panic, but I had so much pain that I couldn't be bothered with someone other than myself.
"He's coming!"
Niall sat down on the edge of the bed and he tried to stay calm. He took my hand and he smiled uncertainly.
"Darling, Sam's coming and it will resolve itself."
I chose to just control my own body. It felt as if the entire stomach would explode and my abdomen was like a wound. It hurt and I snatched for breath.
"Just take it easy!"
Niall was talking out loud only so that he himself wouldn't be too scared. He stroked my forehead and he tried to keep me calm. I wasn't aware that he cared, the only thing that was in my head was that I wouldn't be a normal mom.
"They will take the child." I sobbed. Niall swallowed and I felt that he froze.
"We think about that later." he whispered. I nodded, but for the first time in years, I felt sadness. I didn't want to give away my own child and I didn't want to become an empty mom, without my child.
"We will manage this." he continued. "Please, make the baby to come out so you don't have pain in your body. I promise to do everything in my power so that nothing will happen afterwards."


When Simon came I was about to give up. I thought I would die and my whole body was like one big bomb. I was just waiting to explode and I thought I would split in two.
"She has panic!" I heard Simon say. I screamed and I spread my legs. Simon quickly took away the blanket and he put something like plastic under my hip. I felt he inspected me in the abdomen and he seemed satisfied.
"Damn!" I screamed and I felt the contractions took over my body. "I want to get rid of this."
Niall held my hand and I felt that he was worried. I heard for the first time in a long time his thoughts, and in a way it calmed me down.
"Please, darling," I heard him say over and over again. "Damn I can't help you!"


I don't know how long I lay in bed. I have no idea who was in the room and in the end, I was only aware of my own body. I regretted that I had become pregnant, and I convinced myself that this was the last time. I didn't want any more children and I didn't want to exposing myself to this pain again.


"Come on!" I pressed and I tried to get out what was inside me. I felt the baby slowly slipped towards the end, but not all the way. Every time I had an contraction, I came closer to the end. I didn't care about what Simon said and I was no longer in Nialls hand. Instead, I kept a firm grip on the healing with both hands and I did everything in my power to get out the baby.


I ended up in a fog. It was as if my body gave up, but my mind told me to continue. I no longer saw Niall or Simon. I just felt pain and I just saw the light around me. I heard voices, and it was as if everyone was talking to me. I was sweating, I was crying and I had no idea what happened.


"Don't be afraid!"
I didn't recognize the voice. I tried to see where the person was, but I saw none. Instead, I tried to talk.
"Who are you?"
I heard a small giggle and the voice changed. It sounded like a little girl and she was happy.
"Mom, take it easy. You know it will be all right."
I gasped.
"Who are you?"
She giggled again and it was like she was spinning around me in a distance.
"Don't you recognize me? I'm your daughter,"
I tried to collect my thoughts.
"I have no daughter."
Giggle again.
"I'm coming. I'm coming!"
I tried to look around in the fog.
"Are you my daughter?"
The voice was amused.
"I'll help you mom. You'll be okay."
I almost started crying.
"But I'll lose you anyway?"
She giggled.
"No, I will stay and there's no danger mom."
"They're coming to take you away from me!"
She seemed not to care.
"No, they will see that it doesn't work that way. I wont go and I wont leave you. I will stay."


When I regained my consciousness, it was as if she had giving me strength. I felt that I had only one way to go, but I was no longer afraid. The pain was still there, but I could handle it. I felt Niall held my hand tightly and I heard he cried.
"Come on, sweetheart." he whispered. "Stay with me!"
I tried to smile and I looked at him.
"It will be okay!"
He nodded and he looked anxiously at me.
"I know!"
I got new contractions and I pushed. I felt Simon by my legs and he was ready to receive her. I whimpered and I did everything in my power for my baby to be born. I knew it would work out and I was harmonious throughout the body.


"Press one last time. Come on!"
I felt how it happened. It was like a football came out and then it was as if everything just dropped. I heard a scream, a baby who screamed and I opened my eyes. Simon held her up and he showed her to us. I smiled big and I stretched out my arms.
"Give me!"
He nodded and he put my baby on my chest. I cried with happiness, and I watched her little face carefully.
"Hey!" I mumbled. She looked like a baby, but I heard her voice.
"Mom, hello!"
Niall sat down and I looked at him. Could he hear her voice. Directly she seemed to giggle again.
"No, mom. It's just you who hear me. It's only you who understands me and we will be a good team."


"You get to keep her."
I gasped and I looked up at Simon. He smiled reassuring and he sat down at the foot end of the bed. Niall was overjoyed and he almost started to cry.
Simon blushed a little bit and he lowered his eyes.
"I think Lilly has the answer." he whispered. I was surprised and I just stared at him. Simon laughed a little bit and then he looked straight at me.
"You have the bond between you." I heard him say low. He didn't want Niall to hear, and he said the words with love. "She talked to me and she said there's no danger. She'll be fine."
I smiled and I wiped away the tears. I nodded and then I thanked him with all my heart.
"She's unique!" whispered Simon high. Niall agreed, and he let his fingers caress her head.
"Yes, she's unique!"
I agreed and I looked down at my little child. She was so small and she was so perfect in every way.
"It will be fine," I told her. "We will take care of you."
"I know, Mom!"
It felts throughout the body when she answered. I smiled and then I looked at Niall. He smiled wide and he gave me a kiss on the lips.
"You did this good, Darling."
I agreed.
"You know we wont go through this again?"
He laughed.
"We'll see!" he replied. "I want more children!"
I snorted.
"Then you'll get pregnant!"
He laughed.
"Who knows?"








I know it sounds silly, that baby talk to her.
But my thought was that the child wont be
like any other child in the world.
A little supernatural about her.

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