What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


12. Sam

Harry was worried. He followed me out, just because I would get air and we walked along the street in silence. I yawned. He watched me closely and eventually he stopped me. 
"Do you drink blood?" 
I nodded. 
"Niall's sure that part will work." 
He frowned. 
"You look like a corpse, Lilly." he said kindly. "There's something wrong?" 
I agreed and I tried to smile. 
"I can't sleep." I replied. "Sam keeps on all the time when I go to sleep and I can never be away from his voice." 
"Know Niall about this?" 
I didn't know what to say. 
"He knows, but at the same time not."


When we came back home, Harry chose to go into Niall and talk to him. I sat on the couch and I tried to just sleep. I took a blanket around my body and I put on the television. I came in a state between awake and asleep. 
"Lilly come to me!" 
Sam's voice was hoarse, intense, and it took up all my sanity. 
"Come to me and help me." 
I tried to keep me awake. I was hoping that the sound from the TV would drown Sam's voice down, yet it was as if he was talking in my head and the TV was in the room. 
"I don't want to meet you!"
"I need you!" 
I tried, I really tried to shut him out and I was close to going mad from all the noise. 
"Damn stop!" 
I was unaware that Niall and Harry saw me. They had come out from the office and both stood staring at me. I leaned forward and I took my hands over my ears. I felt like a crazy idiot and I couldn't shut Sam out. I couldn't remove his words or his thoughts. 
Niall sat down next to me and he tried to make contact with me, but I couldn't let him in. He held me tight in his arms and he tried to calm me down. 
"Darling, you must be able to get him off." 
I started to cry and I pressed myself against Niall. I felt hopeless and I just wanted to sleep, which I couldn't. He tried to comfort me, but all I knew was that I just wanted to give up. 
"We must do something." I heard Harry say. Niall nodded and he kissed me gently on the head. 
"She'll go crazy if we don't help her." Niall mumbled. I wished that I could trust that they could help me.


I don't know who gave me the syringe. Niall called for help and he put me in bed. I felt the sting in my arm and I felt myself slowly fell asleep in a hazy dream. I realized that I had been given sedatives or something similar. It affected me and still I heard Sam's voice, yet I fell asleep.


I didn't know if I was dreaming or if I was awake. I felt I sat up in bed and a force grabbed me. I saw before me only darkness, but his voice made ​​me stand up on the floor. I felt a craving and I felt a compulsion. I went to the door and I opened it. I left the bedroom with my eyes closed. The voice knew where I would go and I followed it. I came down the hall and I opened the front door. I walked barefoot out into the night and I followed the voice. It attracted, it called me and wanted me to come. I was oblivious to everything around me and I had no idea where I was going.


It was a cold night but I felt neither cold or anything else. My feet walked across the cold ground, and yet it was as if I was burning inside and out, was it because of Sam's voice or was it because I had got a syringe? I wasn't even clear in my head and everything was so cloudy.


I don't know how long I had been out walking but eventually I stopped. I stood in the middle of the park and in front of me there was, like a big slab of cement. I realized it was there that Sam was and even that I was afraid, he made me sure that I did the right thing. I bent down and I let my fingers glide over the cold surface. It creaked. I took even my other hand and it was like the fire inside me was transferred to the ground, to the cement and it started to sound. It sounded like a creaking, hesitant sound, which slowly grew and eventually burst the entire cement up into thousands of tiny pieces. Sam was free.


I felt how he threw himself over me. He cut his teeth in my neck to get food. He had no blood in the body. I could feel my strength disappeared. I ended up in a state resembling death. I wasn't even aware that he lifted me up and he took me with him.









Short chapter, but will be more.

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