What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


21. No No

"Shall we ..?" 
Niall lay on top of me and he smiled big. I hesitated. 
He kissed me and he moaned lightly. I felt how he pressed himself against me, but I hesitated. 
He let his lips meet my neck and he kissed me on the right place. I whined and I didn't mind that his hands were exploring my body. 

"You know..." he muttered, and he pulled up my nightgown. "What we talked about..." 
I realized he was talking about a baby. I froze, but he was totally inside the movements. 
"But I don't know..." 
He smiled and he pulled down my panties. I felt his hand caressed me just the way I wanted and quickly I went with him in the fog. I was as crazy about him and we ended up in an insane state. He filled me with emotion and he brought my whole body to life. I almost screamed with pleasure as he penetrated. It was always perfect with Niall and he knew what I wanted. He moved smoothly over me, he made ​​me forget time and space and he got what he wanted. I didn't stop. As always, I exploded and I had an orgasm that got all of me to just scream. I landed on the mattress with a thump and then I felt Niall came inside me. He filled me and he whimpered high. I only had time to stroke his back when he lifted his head. 
"Darling, lie still!" 
I hesitated. 
He didn't get out of me, but he remained on top of me. One of his hands came under my neck and under my lower back. 
"Just be still."


After a few minutes, I felt it started to burn across my bottom. Niall kissed me and he pushed me down. 
I panicked. I tried to get him away from me, but Niall was determined to remain on top. I started to kick and I did everything to get him off. My whole abdomen exploded and I screamed in pain. It felt like someone stabbed me with knives and I almost thought my time had come.


After a while, the pain began to ease and eventually it was gone. I felt small, weak, scared, but Niall raised his head and he was breathing heavily. 
"Honey, now you're pregnant."


I had pain between my legs for a few days and I was disappointed at Niall. He had made me pregnant, but I had not said yes, or had I? I thought about Harry's words. Many of the vampires thought that Niall was a wimp and it was me who decided everything. Maybe that Niall just wanted to prove that he could do things without I said yes? I felt cheated, but at the same time maybe it was me who had tricked him? I hadn't said yes or no, and I had taken up the subject with him. I had given Niall false hopes?


There was a doctor, Simon Cowell, among the vampires and when I was at the end of the first month he made a check. I had to lie down in bed and he felt on my stomach. He listened to the stomach with a stethoscope and he performed some checks. 
"How are you?" 
I hesitated. 
"I have pain, if that's what you're wondering?" 
He smiled at me and then he stood up. 
"You're going to have pain, but I promise it will still be fine." 
I didn't like the idea. 
"You mean I..." 
He had already read my thoughts, and he nodded. 
"Yes, that's nine months you feel this, you are pregnant, but it will pass." He picked up his things. "There's nothing I can give you, to remove that part." 
I was almost disappointed. 
"It sucks to be pregnant!" 
He laughed a little bit and then he watched me closely. He seemed to think for a few seconds. 
"I promise you that you will forget this when the baby is born."


I kept quiet, but I hated that my belly grew. Sometimes I drink blood, as if it were water. Sometimes I threw up everything I had in me. It was as if my body was living a life of its own and I had no control over anything.








Short chapters but there's more.

Love u guys!

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