What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


5. My senses

Life slowly began to get better. Niall could set up a glass with blood and I didn't care anymore. I never talked to him, because we talked through telepathy. It was actually quite funny at first. I could stand in the shower and Niall could be in his office, nevertheless, we talked to each other. I became accustomed to my ability and ultimately, it was normal for me. 

"You must learn to read the others too." Niall said to me one night. "I know you have the ability now and I know you can do it." 
I yawned a little in protest. 
"And how do you propose that I should practice? I can't even leave the house?"
I was surprised when Niall showed up with my jacket and his crooked smile. He raised an eyebrow and he showed me to take it on. I realized he thought I was ready to come out. I flew up from the couch and quickly got on my jacket. Niall laughed and he took my hand. It felt wonderful to get away from the house. We walked out into the cold night and I heard the sounds around us. It was as if everything was new again and I felt a tingling all over. 
"Listen to all the sounds." Niall whispered, and he looked out over the empty street. "If you listen, you can hear the mice crawling around and you can hear everything that no ordinary person can hear." 
It was exciting. I could hear everything, and even if I didn't know where all the sound came from, it was still fun. 
"How far away is it? What I hear in my ears?" 
Niall stopped and he smiled at me. He pointed out in the dark in one direction. 
"Do you hear that little sound of a mouse?" 
I listened. 
Niall enjoyed that he had to learn more. 
"Do you hear the feet against the ground, and how he's looking for nuts?"
I sighed. 
"Come to the point." 
He laughed again and he kissed me lightly. 
"The mouse is in the middle of the woods." 
I frowned and I just stared at him. 
"There's no forest here?" 
He rolled his eyes. 
"Well out of town after the highway, it is!" 
I gasped and I realized he was talking about many miles away. 
"Are you serious?" 
Niall laughed again and he nodded. We chose to keep walking along the street. I was busy trying to just listen. Niall seemed to understand and he chose to remain silent.


"What else is there?" I finally got out of me. "Now I know that I can listen to everything, but what else can I do?" 
Niall stopped and he looked at me with his mischievous face. He smiled wryly and he seemed almost to think about the next lesson. 
"You can move faster than the speed of light." 
I giggled and again I felt my whole body tingled. I wanted to learn everything and I also wanted to be able to run as fast as that. 
"Do you know how the body moves?" 
I snorted. 
He laughed. 
"So run!" 
I just stared at him. I knew I could run already, but how would I get up to speed? "
"Do not think." Niall whispered tenderly. "Just do it."


I don't remember the day when my parents taught me to walk across the floor, but I could understand the happiness that I had once felt. I flew along the streets and I felt the wind in my face. It was like a freedom I had never known before. It only took me a minute and then I left the city behind me. It was as if my bones dried and they didn't want me to stop. I could almost fly over the ground, and I felt like a spirit.


I threw myself down on the ground. I found myself in a meadow, and I felt even more alive. I lay on my back and just laughed. Above me, I saw a starry sky and every smells just was sucked into my lungs. I heard the sound of animals in the woods and I heard cars as far away drive across roads. It was as if everything was there and I didn't even need to move to understand it.


"You are like a bird." 
I smiled at Niall. He showed up and he stood almost upon me. I smiled at his face and I remained on the ground. I could do nothing but just feel total bliss, total harmony and everything swirled around in my body. 
"You to?" 
He laughed and he sat down next to me. 
"How did it feel?" 
I just smiled and I giggled a little bit. 
I looked at Niall that he understood. Once he had also been a beginner and once he had also learned to run. I wondered if he had felt the same thing in the body, the same happiness? 
"No!" he whispered. Niall had read my thoughts. He laid down next to me and he looked up at the sky. "I had no teacher. Sam left me to my fate, and it took me many years before I realized that I could move quickly." 
I watched him closely. 
"He wasn't a good creator?" 
Niall was thinking and he shook his head. He looked dreamily up at the sky and I realized that he had less fun memories. 
"At that time it wasn't so careful how we behaved." he explained. "I had to do what I wanted and once I killed almost an entire village just because I could." 
I frowned. Talk that he had changed? I couldn't see Niall as a killer and I couldn't even imagination what it looked like. He looked at me and he smiled a little iffy. 
"I promised myself that I would never do that to my creations." 
I took his hand and I trusted him. He had already proven that he wanted me to learn everything from scratch and I knew that he would never leave me. 
"I know!"
Niall ran his hand through his hair, and he sat up. 
"Are we going to take the way back to the house now?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
"It's wonderful here?" 
He agreed but I saw at him that he had other plans. 
"I have work to do, a lot of work at home." 
I sighed. 
"Can't you trust me and go home alone?" 
I really just wanted to enjoy my new properties and I didn't want to return to the crowded house. He laughed a little bit and he kissed me. 
"Okay sweetheart, but you have to get home before the sun starts to go up." 
I smiled. 
"I promise!"
Niall stood up and he looked at me closely. I put my head askew just for him to say yes. Finally he nodded a little bit. 
"Okay, but promise, really promise to come home on time." 
I nodded and I giggled. 
"I'll be home before you need to worry." 
Niall smiled and then he disappeared. I heard how he quickly swept away from me and he was at home in seconds. I remained on the ground and I just enjoyed. I smelled all the smells and I listened to all the sounds. And I was just me.

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