What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


18. Memory

I was half asleep on the chair, although it wasn't particularly comfortable. I woke up when the door was opened and I froze when Niall appeared. He looked serious. I saw that he was injured in his leg and he was in pain, yet he walked into the room and he looked at me like I was a devil. He said nothing, first he just stood and watched me closely. I almost felt silly but at the same time I was afraid of him. I should know who he was, but everything was empty. When he didn't say anything, I was even more uncertain. 
"Should I bow down for you?" I got out of me. I knew, after all, the fact that he was the king and maybe he expected me to show my reverence? I was surprised when he shook his head, and he stood in front of me, with some distance between us. 
"Harry told me..." he hesitated. "You don't remember, none of us?" 
I shook my head. Niall sat quickly down on his haunches in front of me and he looked straight into my eyes. I knew he read my mind and I chose to allow him. I had nothing to hide and he would certainly not find anything that was interesting.
"What is the first memory that pops up?" 
I hesitated. I just stared at him, but I realized he was serious. I tried to go through all the thoughts and all that was found in me, in there. 
"I just remember Sam and Ireland." 
Niall frowned and he chose to continue to stare at me. He certainly looked right through me, and he saw that I wasn't lying to him. 
"Lilly, Sam's dead."
I gasped and I realized that Sam wouldn't save me. At first I just stared at Niall and then I felt I was almost about to give up hope. Niall felt what I felt and gently he let a hand land on one of my thighs. He continued to look straight into my eyes. 
"And if he was alive, he wouldn't save you." 
I felt the tears coming. 
"How can you just say that?" 
Niall smiled a little bit. I think he was unsure how he would talk to me. 
"Because it's the truth. I lost you once and I wont let it happen again."
I tried to be calm, but instead I began to cry inconsolably and I ended up in a fog. I felt Niall took his arms around me and he hugged me in an attempt to comfort me. 
"He's not worth your tears." he whispered tenderly, and he stroked my hair and down my back. "Please don't cry." 
I didn't know what to say. Niall caught up my face with his hands and he forced me to look into his eyes. 
"Believe me when I say that he's not worth neither your tears or your trust." 
Niall caressed my cheeks tenderly. 
"Lilly, you know he hated me, and you know he wanted to take over all the power." 
The words sounded familiar, yet not. 
"He said it was you...." 
Niall shook his head and his eyes made ​​me silent. 
"I would never lie to you and you know it. I just have to figure out a way to get back to you."


I was a prisoner, but Niall made ​​sure I wasn't tied up in a chair. Instead, he moved me to a room with a television and everything that I needed. Outside my door, I got some guards and the windows were boarded up. While I still was like a lost puppy, it felt more secure than ever. I got the blood out of bottles and I got used to, pretty quickly, not to kill, to get food.


Perrie came in to me one evening. I recognized her, but still it was hard to know if I had met her before or after Sam. 
"Hey!" she said and I heard at her voice that she was a friend. She was curious about me, and I saw that her eyes were almost fixed at me. "Can I talk to you?" 
I nodded. She sat on the bed and she giggled almost with glee. 
"How are you?" 
What a question! 
"Well, I think?" 
She looked around the room and then she looked at me again. 
"And you don't even remember me?" 
I shook my head. She didn't mind and I noted that she nearly bubbled over with excitement. 
"I just need to say Thank you." she whispered. "I know you don't remember it but you got me to be together with a guy, here in the house, and now we are together for real." she giggled almost even more. "And it's thanks to you."
I hesitated. I saw at her that she was happy and I saw at her that she meant every word. 
"And what did I do?" 
She almost seemed to love to talk about that memory. 
"When you become queen, you did so that Zayn was dancing with me and you made ​​us start talking." 
Much information. 
"What did you say?" 
She fell silent, and it was as if Perrie realized that I didn't understand. 
"That night when you became queen, you did..." 
I just gaped. 
"Am I really the Queen?" 
She blushed a little bit that I reacted so strongly and she smiled uncertainly. 
"Yes, you said yes to Niall and we had a sermoni for you." 
I saw it in pale, like a dark mist, a black dress and I saw that I had it on me. I lowered my head and I tried to catch up more fragments. Perrie seemed to see exactly what I was thinking and she shone up quickly. 
"I sewed the dress for you." she whispered. "Or maybe not the hole dress, but I made ​​sure you were happy."
Somewhere in my head were images of Niall, in an apartment. It was as if I saw a movie, but I didn't see everything at once. It was missing action. I saw it just everything in time sequence. 
"Lilly, it's memories." Perrie whispered uncertain and she just stared at me again. "You may begin to remember?" 
I agreed. I saw Nialls face and I saw him smile. I couldn't remember why he was smiling, but I felt happy. 
"So I'm not..." I looked at her again and I frowned. "Sam isn't the one who created me?" 
She shook her head. 
"Niall created you on your birthday."


If you have ever lost memory you understand how I felt. I didn't remember everything from the beginning, but it was like I got a puzzle in front of me. I saw a woman and I think it was my mother. I remember I said goodbye to her and Niall were in her house. I saw a big house with a basement and I saw all the faces on the people who saved me from Sam. They were my friends?


I woke up at the middle of the day. I felt that someone crawled into bed and I felt a pair of arms around my body. I didn't need to see who it was, because I knew it was Niall.
"You remember?"
I nodded and I smiled a little bit. He lay down near my back and I felt his warmth feelings stream towards me.
"There are so many pieces." I whispered. Niall smiled and he kissed my neck.
"Darling, you will remember. I promise that you will slowly become yourself again."







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