What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


19. Home

I did eventually get out of the room and I could walk freely in the house. No one allowed me to go out, but I was still happy. I quickly found the room with the thrones and slowly came also many other memories back. I began to feel emotions and I realized that many of them in the house meant something to me. Harry and Louis were the first people I had met, apart from Niall. Liam was smart and he helped Niall on many issues. Zayn was so in love with Perrie I just laughed when I saw him. I felt his emotions and I was grateful that my old self had helped them. Niall was still uncertain, and he chose many times to leave me alone, although I liked his company. I caught up his feelings for me and something inside me knew that I loved him as much as he loved me. For each day that passed, I became more and more myself.


"Tell me when you're ready to go home to us, to our house." Niall whispered to me one night. I nodded and I smiled at him. In a way, the world outside scared me, but I knew I had to live a more normal life. Niall looked long time just at me and I knew he was reading my thoughts. He walked up to me and without asking, he kissed me. At first it was tentative, but when I didn't resist, he took his arms around me and he pressed me against him. My stomach began to tingle and I took my arms around his neck. It felt like I came home, and his kiss was just too perfect. I wasn't even aware that Niall pushed me up against the wall and he was like a madman over that he kissed me. 
"I missed you!" he whispered hoarsely and he looked straight into my eyes. He looked almost tearful and I wasn't sure if he would start to cry. Niall groaned and he shook his head. 
"I'm just happy." he muttered hoarsely, and he was moving against my body. He seemed to know what he would do and he brought my whole body to life. Anyone could see us, so I wasn't surprised when Niall released me and he took my hand. Quickly, he pulled me into a room, I think it was his office, and he locked the door. I had just time to look around, before he threw himself over me again. He laid me down on the floor and he landed on top of me. He pulled down my panties and then he pulled down his pants. He penetrated and I was just happy that he wanted me. I felt like a newborn and I didn't get enough of him. I kissed him, I tore at his shirt and I was moaning by every move he made. Niall took me to a light mist, a pleasant fog and I exploded into millions of pieces. He did the same as me and then he just lay there on top of me and he gasped against my neck. I almost didn't dare to move and I held him as hard as I could.


"Never leave me again!" 
His words landed straight into my heart. I heard that he really meant the words and I felt his love towards me. 
"I promise!" 
He raised his face and he looked straight into my eyes. It was as if he looked if I really spoke the truth. He smiled a little bit and he pulled a hand through my hair. 
"I love you so much." he whispered tenderly. "I was so scared when you were gone and I was so scared when you weren't you."
I understood him. 
"Sorry!" I got up. "I'm sorry I let you down." 
Niall quickly put his hand over my mouth. 
"No, it's not you who should forgive. It's me who didn't see the danger, and I failed."
We had lots to talk about and I realized that we both had failed. It wasn't just him, but it was also me. Slowly it popped up memory of happening. I woke up and I saw before me what really had happened. 
"I left the house." I whispered uncertainly. "He was attracted to me and he asked me to save him." 
Niall nodded and he was almost relieved. 
"We had given up sleeping pills and that was why he so easily could take you." 
I frowned. 
"None of this was your fault Niall, everything was my fault." 
He was quick to shake his head and he looked beseechingly at me. 
"No, darling, it was I who would protect you and..." 
I disagreed with him. 
"No, this time it was actually me."
Niall frowned. I felt that he wanted to say no again, but instead he just smiled and he kissed me lightly on the lips. 
"We shouldn't make a fuss." he muttered hoarsely. "Let's just put this behind us?" 
I agreed and I smiled a little bit. 
"Thank you for coming to Ireland." 
He snorted and his eyes shone. 
"I just happened to passing by." 
I laughed and it was the first time in a long time that I really felt the happy feeling in my body. 
"I'm so glad you passed by and thanks to the fact that you happened to be where I was." 
He giggled happily and he kissed me again. 
"I know!" he muttered hoarsely and happily. "Sometimes I just got lucky in life."


The day after I got to go home. It felt like I was discharged from a hospital, and when I step into the house, I was home. Nothing had changed and everything looked like it always had done. 
"And you still sleep in my room." filled Niall tantalizingly in. I smiled at him and I went through the rooms. Somehow, everything was more home than I remembered it. This was where it all began and it was here everything would end one day?


Niall followed me and he didn't dropped me with his eyes. I read him and I knew he was just head over heels in love with me. Therefore, I spun around and I met his gaze. 
"You know I love you too?" I whispered hoarsely. "I never doubted that feeling, I just forgot about it." 
Niall nodded and he came up to me. He hugged me and it was as if he didn't get enough of me. 
"One more thing." he whispered, and he looked into my eyes. "If you want to, or if one day you are thinking about it, maybe we should have a baby?" 
I gasped. 
Niall blushed. 
"I've had time to think about everything that has happened and somehow I don't want to stay as this. I have always dreamed of a family." 
I swallowed and I realized that he really was serious. 
"You said it's difficult to get pregnant when you are vampire?" 
He disagreed. 
"I can show you?"
I didn't say that I hesitated. Niall looked at me, but he wasn't angry. 
"You can at least consider that idea?" 
I nodded, though I screamed in my head no. 
"Will there be a child who's a vampire or what will it be?" 
He laughed a little bit of uncertainty, and he looked at me thoughtfully. 
"No one's born as a vampire." he replied. "One can only become a vampire in the same way."

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