What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


24. Finelly

Niall came in to me and the baby. He smiled wide and he seemed almost happy that everything had gone well. He sat down on the bed and he kissed me lightly on the forehead, then he looked down at our own child.
"I have a question."
I looked up at him and I felt how she slept on my chest. It was a wonderful feeling.
He smiled a little and he looked at me closely.
"What should we name her?"
I realized that it wasn't something I had thought about. I looked down at her again. My first thought was to ask her what her name was, but at the same time I wanted to Niall and I would choose it with love.
"I don't know!"
Niall seemed to have reflected more than me and he looked at me closely.
"I went through a book." he whispered tenderly "And I found a name that I thought would fit."
I looked up at him and I was curious.
"Tell me!"
I looked at him that he was fond of his proposals, and he took his time.
"The name means unique." he went on and I realized already that I would love the name he had chosen. "Ayalisse?"
I didn't bother to think or taste about it. I nodded and I leaned against him. I kissed him lightly and then I nodded.
"Ayalisse will be a good name!"
He seemed almost more than happy. It was as if he was in harmony with himself and the only thing he felt was total luck over that I was there and that Ayalisse was our daughter. I felt the love pouring from him. I looked down at her and then up to Niall again.
"We are a family?"
He nodded.
"The best family in the world." He had tears in his eyes. "And I love you so much."




What happened?


Yes, one can say that I grew up and I ended up in the life that I wanted, although I didn't know I wanted that. Ayalisse was the most wonderful daughter a mother could have and Niall was a wonderful father to her. It took time before the vampires agreed that we kept her, but in the end it was as if she was everyone's daughter. Everyone wanted to babysit and everyone wanted to be part of her life. I found out that no vampire had chosen to give birth over a hundred years. Ayalisse was unique and she become unique. In my heart, I felt that everything would work out.


"Darling, life can't be more complete than this." Niall said many times to me. "I have everything that I dreamed of. A woman that I love and a daughter who owns my heart."
I enjoyed his words, and I agreed.
"You have two unique women in your life." I meant the words. "And we have a unique man in our."










I couldn't think of more action. This was what I had planned from the start to write and I hope you liked the story?

Thanks for all the comments and thank you for reading.

I'm thrilled for everyone who likes my imagination


//Niallerxxx (Jenny)

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