What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


4. Excercise sessions

"I can actually get pregnant." 
Niall smiled and he lay still near me. He caressed my face with his hands and he looked at me with his lovely eyes. 
"Can you?" 
I wrinkled my nose and I nodded. 
"Once you told me that you could just make me pregnant if I was a vampire and now I'm a vampire?" 
He nodded a little bit, but he didn't care. 
"Darling!" he whispered tenderly. "It's about more than just having sex for you to become pregnant. It's a little harder than if you are a mortal girl." 
I sat up and I stared at him. I didn't want to be a mother yet, but I knew that I might want in the future. 
"How do you mean?" 
Niall sat up to and he seemed almost unsure if he would tell me the truth. I tried to read his mind, but so far I hadn't had that ability. Niall sighed a little bit and he put his head askew. 
"When you are ready, it's up to me." 
I didn't still understand anything. 
"What do you mean now?" 
He laughed a little bit. 
"It's the man who decides if his woman will get pregnant. We have like a small advantage and we can only make the girl knocked up if we want." 
Okay, talk about that I had no action. 
"So how do you do?" 
He kissed me tenderly. 
"My secret!" 
I really still didn't like his secrets. 
"Please tell me, Niall."
He moaned and he let the kiss sliding down over my neck. I gasped because it felt as if he lit my body totally up. I felt the whole I was ready, but at the same time I wanted to have an answer. 
"I promise to show you." he groaned. "The day when we are ready." 
I felt how he ended up on top of me and I couldn't do more resistance. He pulled up my nightgown and he pulled off my panties. I spread my legs and quickly he penetrated. I mooned loud and I felt how he filled me. That, as I felt, was much bigger than what I felt as a person. As a vampire, everything was twice as much more. Even the slightest movement could make me scream straight out and I saw at Niall he loved the new me.
"You're going to love being a vampire." he whimpered against my cheek and I felt his arm around my body. "Everything is more and everything's bigger." 
I closed my eyes and I accompanied him on the trip. I climbed up the mountain and when I fell, I exploded ten thousand times more than what I had previously done. It was as if my body totally lost my head and I fell screaming down against the mattress.


Niall took out more blood, afterwards, to me. I was like a fire and no one could extinguish me. The blood did so that I just felt even more in the body and I lost control. I threw myself over Niall and I got him to make love again. I was like a voracious lunatic who just wanted more. I don't know how many times we spun around and in the end we just had to stop. I was panting against his neck, and I was close to him. I had many questions, but the thoughts just spun around. I loved the new me and I loved everything about my new life. What worried me was what happened before. How would I be able to control the need for blood?




"Okay now let's practice." 
Niall stood in the middle of the floor, and he smiled at me. I tried not to show how anxious I was. I wanted to learn everything now, but I knew that everything would take time. 
"What shall I do?" 
He smiled reassuring and he took out a bottle of blood. He opened it and quickly slid the smell to my senses. I felt how hungry I was and my eyes got stuck on the bottle. 
"You have to learn this first." he said cheerfully. "You may not be out among ordinary people until you can control yourself." 
I licked my lips and I tried to look at him. Still, my eyes were fixed on the stupid bottle and I felt the whole I wanted to throw myself over it. 
"Come on Lilly, try!" he said, and he pulled out a small round table. He put the bottle on the table and then he looked at me again. "This bottle will be here for a while now and you can't drink it."
I panicked. I looked at him and I tried to think of a reason to end the exercise, but he read my thoughts. 
"No, Darling!" he whispered quickly and he came over to me with a smile. "You must learn to let go of what you want. It's as if you're going into a store and want that dress, but you know that you can't afford."
My stomach bent double and my senses were fixed. 
"But the bottle doesn't cost anything?" 
Niall laughed and he caught up my face with his hands. 
"No, but if it were a human being on the table, you would be a killer if you took the blood?" 
I gasped. 
"Niall, it's not the same thing?" 
He disagreed. 
"You need to stay calm even when it smells blood and you can't kill anyone with blood in the body." 
I began to understand him. Still, I felt that my body didn't want to face the truth and I roamed with my eyes between Niall and the bottle. 
"So I should imagine that there's a man there?" 
He nodded. 
"A nice guy who has a family, he has kids and he has a life. You don't want to ruin his life and make his girlfriend or wife a widow." 
I agreed. 
"But it's just a bottle?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"No darling, there's blood and there's a lot of blood outside the house that you can't drink."


I began to understand the difference between me and the vampire that was inside me. Niall let the bottle stand and I walked around it as if it were a diamond. I tried to show how good I was and I kept myself away. But eventually the whole house smelled blood and I felt I panicked. 
"I hate this game!" 
Niall laughed and he forced me down on the couch. 
"You have to learn this darling." 
I disagreed with him right away. 
"It might go easier if we go out and walk down to the park?" 
He shook his head, and he sat down on the table in front of me. 
"No, this is the ultimate test, and when you can do it, we can go down to the park." 
I gasped. 
Niall shook his head, and he was amused. 


It ended with me sitting on the stairs up and I felt just so small. I felt the wonderful smell and I felt how I really wanted to have the bottle in my hand. Niall cleaned and he did other things, to pass the time. Somehow he managed to always keep his eyes on me and on the bottle. It was as if he was waiting for me to fail, or if it was the other way around?


I stood up and I decided not to give up. Niall stuck his head out from the kitchen and he smiled big. 
"Good that you take a stand." 
I nodded and I smiled at him. 
"What else is there that I can practice on?" 
He smiled and he came out to me. He was really pleased with me. 
"Tell me what you want to learn and I promise to show you all the tricks." 
I smiled big and I gathered my thoughts. There were more than blood and I wanted to know what I could do. 
Niall frowned and he shook his head. 
"No, you have to be a little more accustomed to your body to be able to fly, but I can learn to read minds?"


We ended the night on the sofa. Niall showed me how I could do to open up my mind. In the beginning it was only he who heard my thoughts. I didn't know how I would do it, not until I heard the first words in my head, who came from Niall. 
"I'm so proud of you and I love you so much!" 
I threw myself into his arms and I hugged him tightly. Niall laughed and he continued to be proud of me. 
"You did it?" 
I giggled. 
"And I love you and I'm proud of you."

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