What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


17. Being kidnapped

Louis pushed me down to the ground. I felt all his weight on me and he refused to let me go. I screamed and I kicked. I wanted to help Sam. I saw that it appeared others, but I couldn't bother me or care about them. I felt panic and I knew I should go to the fight, or whatever was happening. 
"You're going nowhere." Louis hissed in my ear, and he was tired of me. I had at first only just been worried, but finally had the emotions taken over. Harry wasn't able to keep me on place, but Louis was stronger, and he chose to use violence. 
"Damn stupid queen!" he complained. I gasped and I wondered if it was him or me that was crazy.
"Let me go!" I yelled, but Louis didn't give up. I noticed that another guy helped him and he sat down on my feet. 
"Hold on tight Zayn." said Louis cold. I felt my body slowly pressed down more and more and in the end I was lying and just screamed. 
"You can't force me to stay." 
Louis laughed and he disagreed. 
"Well, we can do whatever we want because it's Niall who's in charge." 
I closed my eyes and I felt the pain in the body. Was it Sam who had been hurt or was it me? 
"Please!" I prayed, but nothing helped. 
"Lie still." whispered Harry and he stood so he could help out if it was needed. He watched me closely. "You'll thank us later." 
I whimpered and I looked up at him. 
Harry smiled a little bit. 
"Well, Lilly, you will thank us."


Somewhere during the night the pain, in my body, started to release. I stopped screaming and I tried to talk to Sam in my head. I was scared when I got no response, and it was like he didn't care. I heard that nothing happened, but I had no control over anything anymore. Someone came with thick bands and to avoid having to use force. Louis tied my hands and feet behind my back. I felt silly, but at the same time it was nice to not have his weight all over me. I was surrounded by them and I looked up at Sam's enemies. 
"You should let him go." I mumbled in a half trying to get someone to come over to my side. "Sam doesn't want to..." 
Louis leaned over me and he smiled tired. 
"He has lied to you." he whispered hoarsely. "You'll forget everything that Sam has said, and you'll listen to me. You're our queen and Niall's our king. You belong to him, and you belong to us. Sam's the one that you shouldn't follow. He's evil." 
I gasped and I just stared at him. Talk about that they tried to get me to lose my mind. 
"It's you who are evil." I didn't give up. "It's you who want to destroy him."
Louis just smiled and he didn't seem interested in listening to me. Instead, everyone seemed to listen towards the direction where Sam and Niall was. I did the same thing. I lay down with my ​​cheek against the ground and I tried to feel Sam's presence. I received neither a response or no emotion in the body. It was just blank.


"We need the tunnels." 
I woke up by Harry's voice, and I noticed that the sun was coming up. Quickly caught someone me up and quickly they took me through the graveyard and into the darkness. I was so tired I don't even dried to say no. I had no choice and I was totally in their power. Though it hurt in my ankles and wrists, I didn't complain. They would still not release me. Instead, they found a fairly large batch of the tunnel and they laid me down on the cold ground. 
"We should ..." Louis interrupted Harry and he shook his head. 
"Niall said we would obey him, no matter what."


I wanted blood and I wanted back my freedom. I felt the hunger and I could smell the people above us. Harry sat down next to me and he smiled uncertainly. 
"Lilly, if you try, you may remember us?" 
I just snorted and I chose to look the other way. 
"Niall knows what to do." I heard Zayn mutter. "She's right now not the same person as she should be." 
I gave him a cold stare. I knew who I was and I knew that they used violence against me. I knew that Sam had found a safe place to hide and he would save me, eventually.
"Niall's alive!" I heard someone say. Directly, I was unsure. 
"Is there no one who knows about Sam...?" 
Louis bent over me and he got me to be quiet. 
"Hopefully not." he murmured cold. "Your little boyfriend isn't welcome and you'll just be glad we found you. Sam had blocked up so that we couldn't detect you, but we will change that." 
I frowned. 
"He wanted me to be safe." 
Louis didn't agree at all. 
"No, he wanted to have control over you because he knows you're our queen. If he had been kind, he had taken you home, where you belong."


It was the longest day of my entire life. I was asleep, I woke up, I fell asleep and I woke up. The whole time there was someone who had his eyes on me and I couldn't even move on my body, in the end. I had pain in my wrists and I just wanted to scream out straight. I was hungry and I wanted blood, but no one offered to give me food.


"When the sun goes down you take her home." 
I recognized the voice. He who talked looked serious and he watched me closely. 
"I'll look up Niall and I'll damn sure that Sam wont be back." 
I snorted. 
"Good luck." 
He laughed a little bit and he gave the bracelet at a quick glance. 
"Thank you!" 
"But come on Liam." Louis said quickly. "Can't we help each other and find him together?" 
Liam shook his head quickly. 
"No, you heard what Niall said before? First, we must take Lilly to safety and then we'll care about him."


I don't know how they did it, but as soon as the sun had gone down, they took me away from Ireland. Louis and Harry could fly, which certainly made ​​it easier for them and in the end we were in England. I realized it was my home country, but that was all. I didn't remember the house, I didn't remember the people and I was confused.


They tied me to a chair and Harry fed me with blood until I was satisfied. I couldn't no longer seek the freedom and I couldn't talk about what I felt was right or wrong. 
"Niall love you." Harry said with a confident voice. He sat next to me and he looked at me closely. "You belong with him and we've been looking for you." 
I frowned. 
"Is it a lie or are you trying to convince me?" 
Harry smiled reassuring. 
"No, it's true." he said. "You're my friend and I wish I could make you remember me. I warned you for Sam and I tried to stop you, but we noticed too late that you had gone to his imprisonment." 
I frowned. 
"I remember none of it." 
Harry understood and he seemed almost to have expected that reaction. 
"You will soon remember." he whispered, but I heard that he was unsure. "We just have to figure out how he did to make you end up in this state."
I don't know why, but I trusted Harry more than any other of them. 
"Is it true that I set him free once upon a time?" 
Harry nodded. 
"Yes, Sam convinced you and he made ​​sure you obeyed him. After that, it was as if you were dead, but Niall was sure that you were alive." 
I wished I could believe him. 
"And Niall's a king?" 
Harry laughed, and he was almost amused. 
"Yes, and you are the Queen, although you don't know about it right now." 
I frowned. I didn't feel like a queen and I didn't remember that Niall was a king. There were many thoughts that spun around. 
"Sam taught me how to be a vampire." 
"No!" muttering Harry quickly. "He taught you to be a murderer and we don't work that way here."

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