What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


14. Be a killer.

The sun was coming up when Sam found a cave. We went in and we ended up in a cold environment. Yet, I chose to stay with him. Sam took out the blankets from the backpack and he laid them down neatly on the ground. He didn't seemed to care that it was hard and he was preparing to go to bed. I stood there and I hesitated. It felt wrong to sleep next to a man other than Niall, but at the same time, I was tired. 
"You don't need to be ashamed." murmured Sam amused. "I already fucked you and I know what you look like." 
I frowned and I didn't like his choice of words. Sam just laughed at me and he pulled me down on the blankets. 
"I don't feel like having sex, for the moment." he muttered, and he pulled me towards him. I tried to resist, but he held me tight. Eventually I gave up and I put my head against his arm. I felt my body slowly began to relax and eventually I fell asleep.


I woke up when Sam let a hand slide under my dress. He lay on top of me and he was panting against my cheek. 
"You didn't want to, you said that yesterday." I got out of me. He grinned and he pulled down my panties. 
"Not when we fall asleep, but I love to fuck when I have woken up." 
I resisted, but it was in vain. Sam was strong and he was quick to penetrate inside me. I chose to just lie still and he got to do what he would do. I didn't groaning or enjoyed. 
"You're not so fucking friendly." he muttered hoarsely, and he pounded into me. He put his elbows on either side of my head and he looked into my eyes. He moaned and he worked with the entire body. I just frowned on the forehead and I just wanted it to be over.
"You should fuck like me when I fucking you." he groaned and I felt how he almost moved harder against me, just because he could. 
"I will never ..." I couldn't say more. He pressed down on me and he kissed me hard. I gasped, but he didn't care. Not even when I did everything to not answer the kiss. Sam reached fairly soon the end, and when he finally groaned and filled me with cum, I puffed out. It was soon over. He landed on top of me and he hid his face against my neck. 
"Lilly, I intend to do everything with you, so you might as well get used to it." 
I snorted and I got him to roll off me. 
"I will never get used." 
He laughed with satisfaction, and he looked at me with amused eyes. 
"You will give up and soon I own your soul again." 
"Niall owns me." 

He laughed. 
"No, I own you. It's I who will be your king and you should be damn grateful that I want you."


I did everything not to fall into his hands. Sam didn't fight with me, but he was testing me all the time. We left the cave and we finally reached a town. It was then that I realized that we weren't in England. We were in Ireland and we were in the middle of the wilderness. It was a small village and I liked the atmosphere there. Still, I understood why Sam had brought me there. 
"Dinnertime." he said. "I'll pick a good looking girl, fuck her and then kill her." 
I just stared at him. Was he normal? He saw that I was staring at him, which only meant that he liked the moment even more. 
"You should pick a guy and if you want you can do the same thing." he said. "It's actually quite nice to test them a little bit." 
He pulled me into a house, and I understood that it was a pub. Some saw us coming, and some seemed to wonder who we were, but Sam was urbane. He pulled me to a table and he oversaw all. 
"No girls." he murmured disapproval, and then he looked at me. "But you have many to choose from." 
I looked down at the table and I did everything to not look at the people. I didn't want to kill a single person in there, but pretty soon I felt the urge for blood. I felt my consciousness took note of what everyone did and finally I looked around at the men.
"Choose!" I heard Sam say. I swallowed and I didn't like that he wanted to force me, yet I felt the taste in my mouth and I wanted blood. I saw a guy sitting alone in a corner, and I heard his thoughts. I heard how bad he hated everyone and I chose him.


The guy thought I wanted to have sex with him. He was like a cat in my lap and he obeyed me. It felt wonderful to be in control and something inside me woke up. I got him to obey all me and I got him to love me. 
"Can't we go to my place?" he murmured in my ear. Sam showed me the thumbs up, but I hesitated. 
"Why not behind the pub?" 
The guy liked the idea and I felt how he took my hand. He pulled me with him and I realized I was about to do something stupid, but I couldn't resist. I felt the blood running in his body and I felt my stomach was hungry.


He pushed me up against the wall. He kissed my neck, my lips and his hands pulled up my dress. I felt how he pressed his hard part against me and he groaned. I had different thoughts in my head and I let my tongue glide over his skin. I felt myself slowly turned to be a vampire and I felt my senses came to life.


I don't know why I let him continue. He pulled down his pants and he lifted me up against the wall. I felt how he penetrated and I groaned aloud. It was exciting, it was dangerous. He never saw my teeth and he didn't notice my black eyes. He pounded into me and he filled me with more desire. I pulled my hands around his neck and I pressed myself against him. For every move he made, I came closer to the murder. I felt my heart was going to explode and finally I cut my teeth right into him. I almost screamed with pleasure. It was like I exploded and I loved it. He landed on his back on the ground and I was all over him. I bet, I rode him and eventually he was dead.


Sam came up from the shadows and he applauded. 
"It was a true pleasure to watch!" 
I looked up and I was out of breath. I felt the whole I was satisfied and it was the first time I ever was in harmony with myself, with the vampire inside me. 
"I killed him!" 
Sam just smiled and he pulled me up from the ground. He looked down at the guy and then he smiled at me. 
"You didn't kill him. You ate the food!" 
I didn't understand what he was referring to, but Sam was pleased with me. Personally, I had no idea I would hate myself or just accept that I was a murderer. My second corpse, which I had killed.


It only took Sam a few nights and then I felt a change inside me. I began to see people as food jars and I ended up feeling no sympathy for them. I began to love the power I had over them and I loved getting blood in my body. I was never aware that I crossed the line and I was anything but what Niall wanted me to be. I was a killer, a true vampire and I let my mind control me. I took the blood that I wanted and I killed without thinking about it.

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