What happened?

This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?


1. Author's Speech

Hello readers! 



This is a sequel to my story "What will happen next?" and I hope that you read that one before you read this.





(I suck at this but I'll try)


Lilly wasn't happy with her life she dreamed of something more. Maybe that was why Niall chose her? He walked up to her and he offered to change her life. He offered to take care of her and fulfill her dreams. She went along with it and she moved into his house. Niall was a secret one, and he didn't tell her everything. He choose the words and it was as if he concealed the lot.


Lilly finally find out that Niall was a vampire and the king over them. He gave her the opportunity to decide for herself if she wanted to be who he was or if she wanted to stay normal. Lilly was sure that she didn't want to become a vampire, but she was also sure that she loved Niall and that their love was true.


Sam had once created Niall and he had a lot of power, more than many other vampires. He came back and Niall had to flee with Lilly and leave the country. Sam wanted to take over the power from Niall, and be the king of the vampires, and he wanted to hurt Niall. Sam wanted to kill Lilly because it would hurt Niall most.


Niall fled to Thailand with her, but it wasn't long before Sam found them. Liam found the perfect hiding place for Lilly, in a basement under a temple, as monks watched over. Still, Sam found her and he chose to let her live. He wanted her to be his slave and he poisoned her with lies. He used her for her blood's sake, and he got her to be like a zombie. Lilly ended up in a state where she obeyed him and she forgot about Niall


Back in England, Sam tried to take over Nialls throne and he wanted to be the leader. Niall came back and he saved both Lilly and the Kingdom. (silly but true) He got her to come out of Sam's violence and the evil Sam was buried in a coffin deep in the ground under the concrete. It was his punishment, and all hoped that he would understand that he had done wrong.


Lilly's birthday came and Niall surprised her with a party. He proposed also to her and finally she said that she wanted to be a vampire. Everything ended with that he bit her.

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