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4. Soulmate Tattoo (Michael)

Ha so the title may be confusing but basically when your born, your born with a name on your wrist who is your 'soulmate' here we go xx

Michael: Michael was such a common name. A name that so many men had, which made finding your particular soulmate such a challenge you thought you would give up. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. But you would have gotten stuck with a name that was one of the most popular names in the 21st century. You flopped down on your couch, grabbing your phone and texting your friend. “Surprise, surprise. Its a no go.” You typed, sending the message and tossing your phone on the cushion beside you. Moments later your phone vibrated and you picked it up. “Come to a party tonight, my friends throwing one. It will be fun!” You pondered the thought. What could it hurt right? But at the same time, you didn’t want to deal with people. Because whenever there was a party, everyone always was more intrigued about the name on each others wrists than the actual person.

It was more a social event of finding that certain person rather than actually socializing. Of course there were the people who literally didn’t give a shit, and just wanted to have a good time. You wanted to be one of those people, but you were sure you couldn’t escape the questions, and the people just grabbing your wrist to look at the name. You traced the delicate inscription, frustrated about it. Why, your friend had such a unique name on her wrist that you were sure that when she found him, it would be it.

But you had to sift through how many Michaels until you found one with your name on his wrist, and that could take ages. Who knows, maybe out of sheer coincidence you would find a match, but not actually be soul mates. It had happened to a ton of people, and with your luck you were waiting for it to happen to yourself. Shaking your head, and biting your lip, your fingers hovered above the keyboard of your phone. It would be nice to go out and meet people but also netflix was calling you. You sighed, running a hand through your hair and deciding. “I’m going with you, no way am I walking in alone.” You replied. You decided you had best shower, and begin to get ready. About two hours later you were presentable, already having your water bottle full of vodka and mix. If it was a kegger you hated the cheap beer that was always warm, and you didn’t want to even imagine what it looked like. You were more keen on settling on your own mix than trying whatever piss they decided to serve. You left your house, telling your Mum that you were going to crash at your friends house that evening. Leaving, you looked at your wrist, sliding your bracelet down to cover it, before arriving at her house. You left about an hour later, already slightly buzzed from her gracious liquor cabinet. Laughing and hailing a cab to the party, you two giggled as you thought of all the cute guys that may be at the party. “I want to meet my soulmate,” Your friend whined, as you agreed. “Everyone is, and its just so depressing not.” You added. She nodded her head, taking a sip from her water bottle. She leaned back against the seat and looked out the window. “What if he’s half way across the world and I just don’t know that. What if I never get to the other side of the world to see him?” She questioned, and you thought about it. That was something you pondered for a long time. But people always said there was some driving force that made you want to do things. For a brief instant you wondered if there was some force driving you to go to this party, but you shook your head. That would be way too weird. You arrived, hearing the loud bass shake the house as a lot of people milled around outside and inside the house. You two linked arms, walking up the driveway and just opening the door. You were met with a hard wall of smells. Beer, sweat, perfume, too much cologne, hormones, and spilled alcohol. You wound your way through people, following your friend until you found yourself in the kitchen. You had lost your friend, she was surely off being her flamboyant self and wooing everyone to talk to her. You leaned against the kitchen counter taking a sip from your water bottle. “That doesn’t look like water,” You heard a voice beside you say. “Doesn’t taste like it either,” You replied, smiling at you took another sip. “This doesn’t look like a place you’d be,” He said leaning against the counter next to you. You turned your head to look t him and realized how attractive he was. He had multicoloured hair, really dark eyes, and a body that you wanted to tackle. “My friend encouraged me to come,” You said, smiling. “Lost her?” He asked. “She’s somewhere,” You said, looking through the throngs of people. “How about you?” You asked, screwing the lid on your bottle. “I came because my friend dragged me here.” He said, raising his voice a little to be able to be heard over the rise of the bass. “Lets step outside,” He said, leaning a little closer to you to speak in your ear. You shivered, but nodded anyways. You followed him, weaving between people and noticing people staring. You shook your head ignoring them as you made your way to the backyard. There were a few scattered people but you sat down on the grass in front of him regardless. “So tell me about yourself.” He questioned, taking a bottle out of his coat pocket and taking a sip. “What do you want to know?” You teased, toying with the lid of your own bottle. “Name,” He said, smirking. “(Y/N).” You said simply. He stopped, his bottle dropping with a hard thud. You looked at him, his face resuming composure. “Interesting.” Was all he said. There was an uncomfortable silence and you wanted to say something but you didn’t. For some reason, you had an odd feeling about this situation. “Whats your name?” Your voice was small and hesitant. He breathed out through his nose, the anticipation killing you. “Michael.” You saw black dots dance in front of your vision but you disregarded them. You stared at him, wide eyed. “What’s on your wrist?” He asked. And you were almost too eager to roll it up. When he saw it, his eyes grew wider if that was possible before he grabbed his shirt sleeve and pulled it up. You saw your own name engraved in his skin. You had to put your hand on the ground to steady yourself. Maybe the alcohol was making this situation a lot more intense than what it should be but you were amazed. Or maybe you were sobering up. You didn’t know which one, you just knew that you had potentially met your soul mate. “Isn’t there more ways that you know?” You asked. He reached out to caress your face, and you felt warmth spread through your face, down to your fingertips. It was something you hadn’t felt before. It was if his palm was warm, but there was no way to describe the way the sensation ran through your body. He must have felt it too because his eyelashes fluttered gently. “What happens if we kiss?” You asked. He grinned wickedly at you as he leaned in, pressing his lips gently to yours. It was if it was every holiday, every celebration, every best moment in your life was squished together to make the happiest, warmest feeling in the entire world. You broke apart, smiling and blushing. “Look at that, but just to be sure I think we should try again,” He said. You nodded your head, laughing as he reached in to kiss you again, and the feeling started all over again. And best of all, there was a warm and fluttery sensation in your stomach. Something that said that this was meant to be.

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