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3. Soulmate Tattoo (Luke)

Ha so the title may be confusing but basically when your born, your born with a name on your wrist who is your 'soulmate' here we go xx

Luke: This was the problem with being famous. Every face in the crowd may or may not be your soulmate. When Luke looked out into the excited, eager crowd he wondered if she was out there, staring at him and wondering the same thing. It drove him nuts to be honest. He had to cover the name up on his wrist, because the media would assume it was anyone with that name. Everyone in the band had to. They used bracelets, new foundations and make up cover ups to hide the black ink. But after a show, Luke would sit down and rub off the make up, staring at the name and wondering if she was out in the audience. It was hard, Ashton and Calum had already found their girls. They had found their soul mates and their searches were over. Luke however wanted to find her as if that was his only job. He wanted that special someone, he was tired of being played by other girls. There had been a time where he thought he had found her but there wasn’t those sparks. It was dead, he had no reaction to her other than the name on his wrist matching. She was devastated, and to be honest so was he. He had thought it was over, that he could finally relax and just enjoy the company of his soulmate. But of course it wasn’t that easy, and as soon as the media caught wind of it, it blew up to be something so outlandish the story wasn’t even true.

From then on in, Luke tried his hardest to keep it a secret. The only good thing was that the media changed the names around so many times nobody knew his true match. The inscription on his wrist was still a secret. But here he was, going for a walk in a foreign town to him, only to clear his head. The boys had insisted that they go with him, but he needed time to think. He wanted just to be alone and be alone with his thoughts. He shouldn’t even be fretting about this situation, he had his entire life ahead of him to find that special lady. But he had heard of rare cases that when you find your soulmate, your tattoo would glow faintly or even tingle. He heard Calum say that when he met his soulmate his tattoo had tingled. He was jealous to be honest, but then again Ashton’s hadn’t. He just felt an electrifying touch. But that was something special too, that they’re love was that much stronger.

What if he had walked by here and there wasn’t that cosmic sign saying that there she was? What if that was his one chance and that it wouldn’t happen again? Stuffing his hands in his pockets he scuffed his heels, hurrying his pace. He tried to just listen to his music but it wasn’t doing much. He sighed, stopping abruptly, deciding to go and sit down on a bench, just to rest. He had walked so fast and furiously that he had to take a break. He sat down, sticking his long legs out in front of him, and leaning his head back against the bench. He closed his eyes, just for a moment to feel the cool night air brush his cheek. He opened them to see a girl, maybe around his age sit down on the opposite side of the bench, scooting as far away from him as she could. You looked at him, his appearance familiar but intimidating. His lip piercing and clothing screamed bad boy, and on an nearly empty street at night made you a little skittish. Luke tried to smile at you, and you meekly returned it, going back to looking for your bus. Luke looked up and realized that he was sitting in front of a bus stop, that was why you had sat down beside him. He was suddenly very nervous, because well, you were gorgeous. He was startled at how beautiful you looked with the soft light of the lamp shining on you.

You caught him staring and quickly blushed and looked down. Your heart was hammering, and you didn’t know why. Maybe nerves. It had to be nerves. But the more you studied him out of the corner of your eye the more you were drawn to him. “Cold tonight huh?” Luke asked, and he cringed. How stupid did that sound? You looked up and nodded. “It is the fall,” You said. “This is true,” He said, nodding his head dumbly. “So ugh, how are you?” He asked, willing the conversation to go farther. “Good thanks,” You said. “You?” You asked, remembering to be polite. “Good thanks,” He said.

There was an awkward silence before Luke shifted in his seat. “I’m Luke,” He said outstretching his hand. You stopped, frozen for a moment before turning to him. You stared at him, really stared, and looked to his wrist. There was no name because the bracelets were covering it. “Is everything okay?” He questioned, a little unsure. “(Y/N),” You said slowly, hoping the same reaction crossed his face. And you were greeted with a stunned silence. His eyes opened wider than usual, and you could see him visibly swallow. “Thats a beautiful name,” He said, his voice a little unsure. You ran your thumb across the tattoo. How could this be true? You traced the lettering, without even looking at it, before meeting his eyes. “Can I see your tattoo?” He asked suddenly. You felt vulnerable, as if he asked you to take off your clothes in front of him.

You hesitantly held out your arm, seeing his eyes leave your face and look at the thin skin of your wrist. You heard him hold his breath, and let it out in one long drawn out sigh. Without a word, he rolled up his sleeve, pushing away the bracelets and showing you his wrist, your name elegantly tattooed. Your heart stilled, stopped and restarted at a lightning speed. There was a silence, and you saw the lights of the oncoming bus come your way. You snapped your head towards the bus, as it approached faster and faster. Luke looked at you, expecting you to stand up but you still sat down. The bus parked, opening its doors as some people got off, chatting and laughing. You didn’t move though, you were frozen in place. “Are you getting on kids?” The bus driver asked. “Next bus,” You heard yourself say. You even surprised yourself. The next bus wasn’t for another three hours. “Do you think…” You said, to Luke as the bus drove away. “I don’t know,” He said, running a hand through his hair.

You scooted a little closer to him, a little nervous as you held your hand over his knee. You wanted to see if it was true. There had to be some way that this would work. You had heard stories of people getting electric jolts, of peoples tattoos tingling, a sense of knowing, or even the tattoo glowing faintly. He nodded his head, not touching you but allowing you to touch him. You placed your hand on his knee and your head went light. It was as if you had taken a drug because for a fleeting moment you felt light and airy. Luke too gasped, as he placed his hand over yours. You knew he was probably feeling the same lingering, drug like effects of finding your soulmate. Taking your hand away you saw Luke’s wrist glowing faintly. You looked at yours and saw a small blue light emanating from the cursive writing, and you looked up. He was smiling, and you started to laugh, unable to contain it any longer. “What are the chances?” You asked, shaking your head. “One in a million. But you’re my one.” He said, and you smiled at him, feeling the lingering effects of love run through your veins.

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