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2. Soulmate Tattoo (Calum)

Ha so the title may be confusing but basically when your born, your born with a name on your wrist who is your 'soulmate' here we go xx

Calum: When a certain band grew in stature, getting to big it made your heart pound, you began to think that you would never meet your soulmate. Maybe it was a fantasy of yours, and maybe it would never happen but you had the name Calum tattooed on your wrist. And with the rising power of the new band 5 Seconds of Summer you hoped with all of your being that he was your soulmate. But the band never revealed who’s names were on their wrists. It was a privacy thing they said, that when they found her, the world would know. In countless interviews interviewers would ask, plead, and basically grovel for them to show but they refused. It was one aspect of their lives they kept a secret. But with the rising popularity of the band, you felt like your chance to meet Calum was almost impossible.

Unless you ran into them on the street, but really what was the likely chance of that? Highly unlikely. And what are the chances they would stop to talk to you, especially Calum? They were famous, living their lives, and having the time of their life. But you tried endlessly. You wanted to meet them, so badly. You never told anybody this notion, because lets be honest. How many Calum’s were out in the world? And the one that rose to fame was yours? The probability of it was so unlikely. But today you felt it, maybe today would be the day that you would meet Calum and see if it was true. What could it hurt? You wanted to know, and then you could finally move on. So you tried to look your nicest, hearing that they were around the area that you lived in. It was strange, realizing that their band was possibly down the street from where you lived. You ventured out into the warm sunshine, yelling to your Mum that you would be back later. You strolled carelessly down the street, making your way to the main road.

That was when you heard the shrieking of girls, and the call of band names. Your heart stilled in your chest, and then without warning picked up to beat at a pace that was surely not healthy or likely to send you into cardiac arrest. You picked up your pace, determined to see if your hearing proved true. So when you rounded the corner and saw a small group of girls smiling around four boys you couldn’t believe your luck. You went up to the circle, spotting Calum a little off to the side talking to a beautiful girl. Your confidence was shattered. He would be so disappointed if he found out that you were his soulmate. You tried to hold your head high as you walked to where Calum was standing, and standing a little off to the side. “It was lovely meeting you,” He said, turning towards you. He smiled, a real genuine smile, as you smiled back at him. “Hello,” You said nervously tucking your hair behind your ear. “Hello love, how are you?” He asked you. You could only smile, but you resumed yourself and remembered to answer him. “Great, thanks. How are you?” You asked. “Same old, better now that I’ve met you!” He said.

You laughed, before pulling out your camera, trying to seem normal. “Would you mind if I got a picture with you?” You asked hesitantly. “Not at all,” He said coming up beside you. You held the camera, smiling. On the screen you saw Calum smiling at the screen before his smile faltered and you saw him looking at your wrist. It wasn’t intentional to show it this early, but it was your dominant hand and you were wearing a t-shirt. You put the camera down without taking the picture, and nervously putting a hand over your wrist. “Um, would you mind if I saw your wrist?” He asked, and you bit your lip. You let go of your wrist, your hand shaking as you held it out in front of him. He stared at the small inscription before looking at you. “What’s your name?” He asked, suddenly. “(Y/N).” You said, in a small voice.

The fans were dissipating and you saw Luke begin to walk towards you. Calum looked away and at Luke, before pointing to his wrist. Luke cocked his head to the side before staring at you. His eyes grew wide and his eyes went back to Calum’s wrist. “Excuse me,” He said, skiing softly at you. He walked a little farther away from you, talking in a hushed tone to Luke. You saw them both look at you, before Luke shake his head. You were defeated, that was it. It wasn’t true, and he probably thought you were crazy. Calum came back to you, his face somber.

He grabbed your hand suddenly and pulled you a little aways from the remaining girls. He looked from side to side and suddenly it felt like a drug deal. He pushed back the bracelets on his wrist, and wiped his thumb over his plain wrist. There was no name, but the more he rubbed the more the, what you assumed to be foundation, came off. “I have to hide it so fans won’t see or the media,” He said. Slowly the letters came into view, with the elegant inscription of your name. Your eyes grew wide as you stared at his wrist and met his eyes. “Crazy,” He whispered. “How do we know its true though? Our names are so common…” You said, wondering if it was just some crazy coincidence. The more you stared at each other the more Calum began to smile. “Its the eyes. I know those eyes.” He said, and you could feel yourself blushing.

“I think its true.” He said, staring at your face. “I just have a feeling.” He said. “I do too.” You said. He smiled shaking his head. “Who would have thought,” He said. You laughed shaking your head. “Come on, might as well introduce you to the rest of the boys. I’m sure they’re interested in meeting my soulmate.” He said, grabbing your hand. And instantly, a warmth, a knowing spread through your hand, and your tattoo tingled. You gasped slightly, and he smiled, squeezing your hand. “Told you,” He said, leading you towards the boys that were sitting with their backs to the road, staring at the wall. You squeezed Calum’s hand back, feeling the warm pulsing of the tattoo on your wrist, but also an instant warmth spread through your chest.

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