5SOS imagines xx

Different 5sos imagines x you can request for one if you want. X


1. Soulmate Tattoo (Ashton)

Ha so the title may be confusing but basically when your born, your born with a name on your wrist who is your 'soulmate' here we go xx

Ashton: You stared at your wrist, brushing the pad of your thumb over the soft skin. Ashton. The word was simple, the name so powerful. He was your soulmate. Everyone had a name on their wrist. Some little reminder that one day, you would find that person and they were out in the big, vast world waiting to be found. But you truly believed you would never find yours. Every time you saw someone, you imagined it being them, defeated when you learnt that their name wasn’t the one you stared at for as long as you had lived. Tracing the lettering with the tip of your nail you stared out into the busy crowded street. You were sitting on a bench, your bag beside you as you leaned your head back against the wall. Your music was playing too loudly, surely your Mother would yell at you, but right now you needed to just hear your music, and not the hustle and bustle of the crowds as they moved about their life.

You often wondered how many people had actually found their soul mate. How many people had actually had that thrill when they found that name, something they had stared at for so long. You felt nothing, your parents had found their special someone, but you felt like everyone else’s life was moving on around them, and that yours was just at a stand still. Maybe you weren’t looking hard enough, or maybe you were looking in the wrong places. But where does one look for their soulmate? They could be anywhere. They could be halfway across the world for all you knew. Or they could be down the road. You leaned back and closed your eyes, just willing yourself to forget about this thought that had plagued you for as long as you could remember. You sighed, packing up your bag and slinging it over your shoulder. You stood up, lowering your music so you could hear your surroundings, and walking at a steady pace.

You dodged around people, apologizing when you clipped shoulders, and smiling at people who gave you a curt smile. It was a normal day, nothing unordinary about it. Suddenly, without any warning, a guy ran right into you, knocking you and causing you to stumble. You would have fallen if it weren’t for a strangers strong arms catching you. Your body was almost electrified when the stranger caught you, as you yelped in surprise. “Watch where you’re going,” The stranger spat at you, turning his shoulder and brushing past you. You shook your head, regaining your balance and turning around to face the stranger who had caught you. “People, huh?” He asked, shaking his head. “Thanks,” You said a little sheepishly.

You were moderately embarrassed that you had to be caught in the middle of public. It was different for some reason, people were milling around the two of you, as if you were in your own little bubble. “Don’t worry about it,” He said flashing you a dimpled smile. You smiled sheepishly at the ground. “I don’t think I got a chance to introduce myself,” He said, itching the back of his neck. You could tell he was nervous, but you kept your composure. “I’m Ashton,” And with that small sentence, your heart stopped, and your eyes grew wide. You swallowed slowly, before meeting his eyes. “Is something wrong?” He asked, your reaction going noticed. “I’m (Y/N)” You blurted out.

He too, had the same reaction. His hazel eyes grew wide, his expression was startled, and you even saw him tense. Surely his heart was beating as fast as yours was in your chest, thunderous to the point where it drowned out other sounds. You wordlessly grabbed your jacket sleeve and pulled it up to reveal the small inscription. Ashton. Following suit, Ashton grabbed his long sleeve shirt and pulled it up, moving some of the brackets he wore to reveal your name spread across the blue veins on his wrist. You two looked up, meeting eyes and not being able to say anything. You tried to form some coherent sentence, but words wouldn’t form.

You wanted to ask him if this was true, but maybe the pounding in your chest was solidifying the notion that perhaps you had found him. Suddenly, Ashton broke out into a smile so large you thought he would hurt himself. And before you realized what was happening, you were laughing. Not a ‘thats so funny laugh’ but more of a startled, confused laugh. Ashton joined in, and you could feel yourself smiling, and Ashton was smiling. He was gorgeous, almost too gorgeous. Surely this was some kind of joke, maybe he had covered it up and wrote your name on his wrist for some kind of sick jest. But how would he know? You had never seen him before, because if you had you would have known. It wasn’t so much a feeling of this is most certainly him. But more of a feeling of finding comfort when you’re scared, or finding home. You thought for a moment, and realized that was what you were feeling.

You had found home. He grabbed your hand suddenly, and brushed his thumb over your wrist, his touch warm. “I can’t believe it,” He murmured to himself more than to you. You relished the feeling of his touch, the way he gently ran his thumb over the thin skin of your wrist. He broke his gaze from your wrist to look at you, and studied your face. “If you’re not busy, I was wondering if I could possibly take my potential soulmate out for a coffee?” You laughed, and nodded. “I would love that,” You said, allowing him to take your hand, his thumb brushing once more over your wrist before intertwining his fingers with yours - as if you found the missing piece to your puzzle.

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