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6. Prank Backfire (Michael)

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'michael tries to play a prank on you but you find out and prank him backa nd he ends up really agnry?'

You hummed to yourself the new All Time Low song as you munched on a bowl of cereal. You could hear the boys in the next room mucking about for their twitcam. The boys were currently on tour and you were invited with them. You were all staying in a hotel and currently in Michael’s suite. It was huge hell it had it’s own damn kitchen, the boys career had sky rocketed and they could now afford all those fancy hotels which they had only dreamed about back home. Of course there were always some fans who hated you and accused you of being with Michael for the fame and money. Yeah it hurt but Michael knows how much you love him. You’d been together for nearly two years now and your relationship had never been stronger.

You frowned when the boys screams suddenly silenced replaced with hushed whispers. They’re not usually so quiet what was up with them? Creeping up to the doorway you kept quiet trying to eavesdrop on them. You could faintly hear Luke whispering something to your boyfriend Michael over Ashtons constant giggles. It was something about pranking or being pranked, what were they planning?

"Don’t be such a pussy-"

"I’m not a pussy," You heard your boyfriend snap defensively to Calum who simply chuckled. Luke snorted in disbelief at your boyfriend’s words.

"You don’t know how scary she can be okay!" You rolled your eyes as the rest of the boys laughed at Michael’s words. You could picture the faint blush on Michael’s cheeks from admitting that.

"Come on it’s just one little prank, it’ll be fun." Ashton spoke up. There was a pause and you arched an eyebrow. Of course when Michael agreed to it you weren’t surprised. You had a strange relationship, you both loved to tease, bicker, and prank each other. The fans loved watching the two of you argue over such ridiculous things.

"Tell her you’re cheating on her!" You heard someone suggest excitedly. You smirked as Michael agreed and the four began planning their little prank. Shaking your head you moved back over to the sink and began making dinner for the band. They could be such idiots at times.

"Y/N? Come here a sec?" You heard Michael call from the other room sounding distraught. You had to give it to him he sounded convincing. You picked up your bowl of cereal munching on the CoCo Pops with a smirk on your lips.

"Can’t it wait I’m making dinner?" You asked trying to keep the teasing tone out of your voice. You padded into the living room when Michael answered with a blatent no telling you to hurry up. You saw the boys sat on the couch watching tv with blank expressions on their faces. The laptop on placed on the table at the side angled at you and Michael. You held back a smirk as you glanced over at your boyfriend worriedly.

"No twitcam?" You asked calmly. Michael hurriedly told you the twitcam ended a while ago taking the bowl of cereal from your hands. You huffed in annoyance but your boyfriend simply ignored you.

"Just listen to me okay?" Michael said with wide eyes. If you didn’t know Michael so well and just over heard him talking about the prank you would’ve believed him.

"What is it? Are you okay, what’s wrong?" You asked panicked. Michael rested his hands on your shoulders staring down at you with sad eyes.

"I need to tell you something, I know I should’ve told you sooner but I was scared that you’ll leave me…" He trailed off glancing away. Wow he was seriously convincing. You glanced at the boys sitting on the couch, they were so obvious that they were listening into the conversation it was ridiculous.

"Maybe we should go somewhere private-

"No Y/N, I have to get this out I have to tell you." Michael interrupted you. He was good, really good, but you were better. Stepping forward you placed a hand on his cheek pulling his face so you met his gaze.

"Just tell me." You gave him a warm smile. Michael placed his hand on top of yours as you cupped his cheek and leant into it. His lowered his gaze ashamed and his voice choked up with emotion.

"I-I cheated on you." Your hand slipped from his cheek and you took a step back. Your face fell as you stared at him with a disbelieving look. You shook your head and allowed tears to form in your eyes. Michael’s face flickered with guilt for a split second before he covered it up replacing it with sadness.

"What?" Your voice cracked. Michael took a step forward but you took a step back. Tears rolled down your cheeks as a sob escaped your lips. Even the guys looked up at you with concern in their eyes. If they were going to prank you then you were definitely going to screw with them, plus you knew the fans would love this.


"You cheated on me?" You repeated the words trying to wipe tears away from your eyes. Michael’s face contorted with pain as he stared at you. He shared a look with Luke not wanting to continue with this but his band mate shook his head edging him on. You did your best not to narrow your eyes at the blonde on the couch. They boys were just as bad as Michael was.

You moved to sit next to Luke on the couch. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders comfortingly as you pulled your knees up to your chest sobbing. Your body shook as you head your head in your arms. You felt Michael move quickly to kneel in front of you trying to get your attention.

"Y/N I’m so sorry she meant nothing to me. You’re all I want and-"

"I cheated on you too." You sobbed interrupting him. The room went deathly silent as you continued to sob. You felt Luke pull his arm away from you and almost smirked. Now it was your turn to screw with them.

"You did what- What did you say? You cheated on me?" Michael asked heartbroken. You nodded sobbing loudly, you felt Michael grab at your arms trying to make you meet his gaze and you looked up. Your boyfriend stared at you with an expression of horror.

"I cheated on you too." You repeated more firmly. The boys were sat frozen next to you as Michael paced back and forth in front of you all. You laughed internally, oh this was going to be brilliant.

"You cheated on me? You fucking cheated on me Y/N?" Michael screamed picking up a lamp from the side table and throwing it across the room. You jumped at the action and anger swept of Michael’s features.

"We didn’t mean to, we were both upset and I missed you so much and he happened to be there at the time because you know he came home early to see his brothers-" You stood up trying to explain through tears but was interupted by Michael. He held up a hand confused and stared at you his entire frame shaking with anger.

"Wait what?" You ignored his question and carried on as tears continued to stream down your face.

"We didn’t know what we were thinking and you know he loves he, he’d never do anything to hurt you it was a mistake. And now the baby is comming…" You trailed off holding your head in your hands. You saw the boy’s jaws drop all at once as they stared at you and Michael’s eyes bulged out of their sockets.

"You’re pregnant?! With his baby?!" He roared loudly. You nodded as another sob escaped your lips. Michael swore loudly and started throwing more things around the room.

"Michael we both love you it was a mistake. I love you and he- And Luke he- he loves you too-" You stutted out but stopped when Michael froze up into place. He glanced over at Luke then back at you. You almost burst out laughing at the horrified expression on his face. God this is amazing you should’ve pranked them a long time ago.

"Luke? LUKE?!" Michael screamed pointing at his best friend. You sobbed as Luke shot up out of place holding his hands up in surrender.

"Michael I never touched her I swear." Luke said honestly. Michael growled grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and shoving him up against the wall. Luke didn’t bother to defend himself but Ashton and Calum leaped up to pull Michael off. Their attempts were useless, he was too pumped up and too strong for the both of them in this state.

"Luke stop lying and just tell him." You sobbed at Luke. He stared at you with a horrified expression as Michael growled out in front of him. You’d never seen him this angry and it was kind of a turn on?

"Michael I swear to you-"

"I’m going to fucking kill you!" Michael screamed out raising a fist. Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped. Shit, you couldn’t let it go that far. wiping the tears from your eyes you jumped over at Michael grabbing onto his biceps.

"Michael- Michael stop I was joking, Michael stop! It was a joke let him go." You said tugging at his arms. The boys all stared down at you with a mix of shock and confusion. Oh this was worth it, just to see the expressions on their faces.

"What?" Michael growled. You bit your lip trying to hide the smirk. Oh they look so pissed off right now. You giggled internally at the four boys.

"I heard you saying you were going to prank me so I got my own back." You admitted with a small chuckle. Michael pushed himself away from Luke making Calum and Ashton step back. He looked between you and Luke, if anything he looked even more pissed off.

"You’re not sleeping together?"

"Nope, only my Cliffoconda." You smirked patting his cheek playfully. Michael narrowed his eyes at you and you gulped glancing at the rest of the boys who shared the same expression, wow you really pissed them off this time.

"So I guess a threesome with Luke is not going to happen then?" You joked. Michael growled out something before stomping off to his room slamming the door loudly. A loud round of giggles escaped your lips and you bent over unable to contain your laughter anymore. The rest of the boys cursed under their breaths before sitting back down on the couch. You moved over towards the laptop making sure the fans could see both you and the boys sitting behind you.

"I also knew you guys were watching, just imagine the reaction I’d of gotten from Luke girls." You giggled into the Twitcam. You saw the tweets of relief at the side and laughed. You told the boys to say goodbye to the fans but they gave a meek wave which only made you laugh harder. You winked into the camera before the screen went black and you shut the lid moving over to the couch.

"Oh stop being such babies it was funny as hell." You snickered placing an arm around Ashton and Luke either side of you. Luke squirmed away from you looking uncomfortable and you smirked at him.

"I’d rather you not touch me for at least a good couple of months, not after that performance." Luke muttered making you laugh. You loved that you’d actually managed to shock the boys into silence, something you didn’t think was possible.

"Why did you keep going with the pregnancy thing?" Calum asked curiously and you shrugged biting your lip. Your eyes glanced at the door where Michael had previously stomped through.

"Angry sex dear Calum." You chuckled with a smirk crossing one leg over the other. You glanced at the door again as the boys rolled their eyes at your comment, looks like you were really in for it tonight.

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