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5. Lap dance

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You get dared to give him a lap dance. All *Request*


Mikey and I were having the boys over for a BBQ lunch for Michael’s birthday by the pool. When the boys got here we swam and just doing stupid shit while they kinda took turns working the BBQ.

"Come on, I just had my turn" Luke Groaned

"No you didn’t I did" Ashton said, great they were fighting over the BBQ

"Why doesn’t Y/N do it" Calum said looking at me, I look up from my book

"I’m a female, my job here is to party. you are males, your job here is to work the BBQ" I say simply, Michael laughed

"Yeah males, get to work" Mikey said mocking, I squinted at him and he through his hands up in defense "Joking baby I love you" he said quickly kissing my forehead.

"Lets play dare or dare" Luke blurted, I giggled

"yeah guys, c’mon" Ash said, the rest of the boy agreed

"what about you Y/N do you wanna play?" Cal said, I shrugged and said

"yeah sure why not" I got up walking over and sat in the circle

"Okay I’ll go first" Ash said "Hm Y/N dare or dare" I squinted at him and said dare "Okay Hm uh" he said looking around for ideas, his eyes lit up when his eyes fell on Michael and he smirked "I dare you to give Michael a lap dance" Ash said devilishly. My eyes widened and I glared at him

"are you scared Y/N?" cal said teasealy

"No urg" I say getting up and straddling Michael’s lap. Michael swallowed as I start to move my hips, grinding on his crotch, I could see he was hold back from moaning so I grind hard wrapping my arms around his neck and tangling my hands in his hair tugging on it, then he let a long deep moan escape his lips. I smirk and get off him, winking at him as he helplessly watched you walk away.



my friends are taking me out clubbing while ash is out with the boys, I’m fairly exicted cause I haven’t been out in a while so yeah it’s going to be good. When we got to the club, the music was blaring and they were sweaty bodies everywhere. We walked to the bar, took a seat and ordered a couple of drinks

"This is going to fun" My best friend shouted over the music

"yeah, wait where did Y/F/N and Y/O/F/N go?" I say, Y/B/F/N pointed out into the crowd where they were dancing, we both looked at each other and laughed

"do we want to go join they?" Y/B/F/N said

"Haha heck yeah!" I said getting up and joining them dancing the night away. it was like midnight we were really drunk and still going strong but all night I swear I kept seeing Ashton, it doesn’t matter though I’m having a good time. Soon I found myself playing dare or dare with the girl and Y/B/F/N was daring me "see that guy over there she said to me pointing at this really tall, really cute and really HOT boy sitting with his mates

"yeah" I say

"I dare you to give him a lap dance" she said smirking

"but that’s cheating on ash" I slurred, my mind mush from how drunk I was

"Oh no, I’mm sure he’ll be fine with it" she said and without thinking I got up and walked over to this guy, without asking a sat in his lap and started moving my hips against his crotch

"Y/N?" the guy moaned

"Yeah, who are yo-" I said then it clicked "Ashton" I said grinding harder

"Baby" He groaned.



"Lets play truth or dare guys" Calum said walking into the room, the all nodded their heads agreeing with the idea

"Y/N?" Ash said

"yeah why not" I say sitting up on the couch "who’s going first?"

"I will" Calum said, Calum is my best friend and he knows all about me so I am a bit afraid he might pick me, "hmm Y/N" he said smirking "I dare you to give Luke a lap dance" My jaw dropped a little, Calum knew that I liked Luke but I didn’t think he would do something like this

"Uh okay" I say getting up and straddling Luke’s lap, I’m not very good at this but I start to move my hips in a circular motion, he moaned so I must be doing something right, I continued to do this until the boys told me to stop, when I got off Luke looked at me helplessly, he looked s disappointed that I didn’t keep going. Poor lukey



"I dare you to give Calum a lap dance" said my best friend, she is only doing this cause she knows I like him. Cal looks down at his feet blushing dammit he is so cute but hot at the same time. "Well go on" she said

"Um okay" I say awkwardly and walked over to him, once I got comfortable in his lap I moved my hips, grinding onto his crotch hard, I wrapped my arms around his neck as he moan placing his hands on my thighs. He started to kiss me we were really getting into it when Y/B/F/N told us to stop time is up. I got up walking away winking at Cal.


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