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7. He defends you (physically)


You growled as you ran your hands through your hair, messing it up with a sigh. You had just gotten into a fight with your boyfriend, and you decided to go clubbing to cool off. You did this a lot whenever you’re in a bad mood - you’d usually just go out to cool your head and get rid of the bad vibes. You fixed your hair, patting it down as you entered the club. As soon as you did, you inhaled the strong smell of alcohol and sweat. The pounding of the music in your ears made you smile - it’s been such a long time since you went out clubbing, it feels so liberating to be outside without a care in the world. Forget Ashton, forget the pain, forget his words. You’re here to let loose and that’s exactly what you’re going to do tonight. You’re going to dance and drink the night away to forget all about Ashton for tonight. You immediately headed to the dancefloor and the smell of alcohol entered your nostrils, and you began to dance against random strangers. You felt someone plant their hands onto your hips and pulled you closer to them, grinding their crotch against you. You grimaced, turning around to push the random creep away from you. “Don’t fucking grind against me,” you hissed at the stranger, but he just smirked at you. “What are you gonna do about it sweetheart?” he slurred, swinging an arm around your shoulder. You could smell the alcohol on his breath, making you scowl at the putrid smell. “Just stay away from me,” you pushed him off you once more, and turned to leave him by himself. You began to walk away but you wrapped his arms around you this time, pressing kisses onto your neck. “Oh come on sweetheart, don’t be like that. How bout we go upstairs for some fun, huh?” You cringed upon heaelf out of his hold, but he tried to wriggle yourself out of his hold, but he was far too strong for you. “Get off!” You struggled to push him off, but you were still too overpowered. You kept trying, but he was just too strong and you stopped resisting. Your lips trembled in fear as he trailed kisses down your neck, and onto your shoulders. His hands made their way up, until they were dangerously close to your chest. You trembled, knees shaking as you closed your eyes shut. “Hey fuck face,” you heard someone say. The creep then released you, and you took the opportunity to get some distance in between you and the stranger. You then stopped to see what the commotion was about, and your eyes widened when you saw Ashton beating up the creep from before. You felt wet tears stream down your face, realizing that you have started crying out of fear. It was the first time this happened to you, and you were just scared shitless. Ashton immediately got off the stranger, and pulled you into his arms. You buried your heard into his chest, and wrapped your arms around him as you drenched his top with your tears. “Shh, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I’m right here,” he whispers as you pulled away from him slightly. He kissed your tears away and smiled, before pressing his lips onto yours. Once he pulled away, he kissed your nose. “I’m so sorry Ashton,” you sniffed as you rubbed your eyes. His lips curled into one of those beautiful smiles, “It’s okay sweetheart. You’re okay now. We’re okay.”


You glanced down to check your watch and you groaned, seeing that it was already seven thirty-three in the evening. You tapped your foot onto the concrete floor impatiently, checking your watch every now and then. You have just finished working, and your best friend promised to pick you up from work tonight, but she seems to be running late. She texted you that she got caught up in traffic, and that was about twenty minutes ago. What worries you is the fact that it’s already dark out and there are so many strangers lurking in the dark. Who knows what any of them might do to you - you’re a defenseless girl out in the streets, and you’re alone as well. You bit your lip, trying to shove those thoughts away from your head. You yelped when someone gropes your ass, and you immediately turned around and slapped the bastard. “Hands off,” you glared at him, but his lips twitched into a smirk and you saw the glint in his eyes, making you gulp. “You didn’t just do that girl, now I’m gonna wreck you,” he grabbed you and pinned you up against the wall behind him, making you scream out. “Help, somebody help me please!” You shrieked, but he just slapped you to shut you up. “Shut the fuck up, you little bitch,” he hissed as he began to unbuckle his belt. Your eyes widened and you began to push him away, kicking and screaming, just wanting to get away from his bastard. “Please!” You tried to yell out once more, but he just continued to unbuckle his belt. The tears began to stream down your face when you realize that no one is here to help you - and you trembled in fear as you looked up at the bastard’s face. “I’m gonna make you feel so good,” he said as he began to place kisses onto your neck. You whimpered, shutting your eyes, fear taking over as he continued to kiss down your neck. “Get the fuck off her,” you heard a manly voice say before you heard someone’s fist collide with the man’s face. You opened your eyes to see a teenage boy standing in front of the man, who now had a bloody nose. “And who the fuck are you?” the bastard asked as he wiped the blood away with his forearm. “Just a random passerby who’s trying to save this girl from a horny bastard,” he shrugged, and the bastard just narrowed his eyes at the boy before getting up. “Ugh, screw this,” you heard him mutter as he runs towards the opposite direction, away from the two of you. The boy then turns to you and gave you a smile, “Don’t worry, you’re safe now,” he says as he offered his hand out to you. You nodded, wiping the tears away using the sleeves of your jacket and you smiled up at him. “Thank you so much,” you sniffed, taking his hand. You felt electricity run through your veins when you touched, making you smile a little bit. “Name’s Michael by the way,” he chuckled and you giggled. “Thank you Michael. I’m Y/N,” you smiled as you cocked your head to the side. “Well, Y/N, should I walk you home or should you just wait out here?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow at you. You laughed, shaking your head as you began to walk, your hand still in his. “Lead the way then, Michael,” you replied with a grin.


You smiled as you watched the four lads hop off the stage with huge grins on their faces. They all ran towards you and your boyfriend smiled, pulling you into his chest. “Hey, get off me!” You laughed, feeling his sweat stick to your skin. You pushed him off you and you heard his band mates laugh at the two of you. Michael ruffled your hair with his hand and you whined about how long it took to fix before you left. “You guys were so amazing,” you said, beaming at them with pride and happiness. You were just so proud of them - this is their first gig as a band, and they did extremely well for their first time. “Thanks,” Calum smirked as he ran a hand through his hair, making it spike upwards. Luke nudged Ashton and gestured towards the backstage, making Ashton nod. “Well, we’d love to stay and chat for a bit, Y/N, but we really need to talk to the owner of the place. We need to ask her if we can schedule another gig soon,” Ashton says, and you nodded, flicking your wrist at them. “Go ahead, I’ll just stay here till you come back. I’ve got no choice anyways, a certain Kiwi was supposed to be my ride home,” your lips twitched into a smirk, and you took a sip from your coke. Calum stuck his tongue out at you, and you watched as they disappeared out the door near the stage. You began to sip on your coke again, taking your phone out of your pocket with your free hand. You checked twitter, scrolling through your timeline and rolling your eyes at the unnecessary drama caused by the twelvies you follow. You retweeted a few tweets about One Direction with a chuckle, before you noticed a guy sit right next to you. “Hey there,” he greeted you, causing you to look up from your phone with a confused look. You looked behind you to see if there was anyone behind you, but there wasn’t anyone else there. “A-are you talking to me?” You asked him, eyebrows furrowed with a slight frown. The stranger chuckled, shaking his head at you with a small smile on his face. “Now, who else would I be talking to?” he slurred, as he began to drink from his glass. You didn’t have to smell it to know that it was indeed alcohol - he had already so drunk, and you knew what happens to drunkards in the club. You faked a smile and set your glass down on the table, “Well, I think I need to get going. See ya,” you hopped off your chair, but he grabbed your wrist tightly, making you wince. “You’re not going anywhere,” he chuckled as he pulled you into him. “Give me a little bit of that sugar,” he bit his lip as he examined your body with lust-filled eyes. “No, get-” A fist suddenly came in contact with the man’s face, making you gasp and take a step back. You looked up to see Calum, glaring at the man, his face red with rage. You ran over to him, wrapping your arms around his waist, whispering words in his ears to make him calm down. “Come on Cal,” you tiptoed and pressed a kiss onto his nose when he began to calm down. “Sorry you had to see that,” he muttered, casting his gaze onto the ground. You cupped his cheeks, tilting his head upwards so he met your gaze, and you smiled. “No, it’s alright. Thank you for protecting me,” you glanced towards the now unconscious man on the floor, before lacing your fingers in his. “Now, we better head home then,” he says, and you nodded in agreement. He led you out of the bar and into his car, where you drove off to his house, where you spend the rest of your time talking and exchanging stories of your childhood.


You giggled as you hopped on Luke’s back, and he began to run around the park laughing as he placed his hands on the back of your thighs to keep you from falling. You were fooling around in the park, and you were aware of the number of people staring at the two of you, but you didn’t really give a shit. Today was your day with Luke, and you haven’t seen him for quite some time now though, and this is his first day off in so long, and you wanted to do a lot of catching up with him. Luke set you down onto the nearby bench and grinned at you, and you rolled your eyes at him in response. “Hey hey,” he says as he sets his hand down onto your thigh. “I saw someone selling ice cream down the road. I’m gonna go buy some for the two of us, okay?” You smiled, nodding as he stood up to buy some of that ice cream. He began to walk away, but as he did, he turned around so he was walking backwards. “Just stay there, alright? I’ll be back in a little bit,” he winked at you and turned right back around again, causing you to chuckle at your boyfriend’s silliness. A few minutes have gone by, and he still hasn’t returned with your ice cream. You spent the past few minutes fiddling with your thumbs, as you felt awkward sitting alone on the bench with absolutely nothing to do but wait. You sighed, leaning back onto the bench, watching the people pass you by with a smile on your face. “Oh, look what the cat dragged in,” your eyes widened upon hearing that sickening voice, and you immediately stood up, trying to get as much distance in between the two of us as possible. “Yo-you,” were the only words that left your lips upon seeing his face again, after so much time apart. He wore his signature smirk, and he had his hands shoved in his pocket. He was biting his lip, and he began to look at you like you were some piece of meat. “It’s been more than a year, hasn’t it?” he asked, taking a step forward, making you take one step back. You began to tremble, and your heart began hammering in your chest - you didn’t want him near you. You wanted to turn around and sprint away, but you knew he would catch up to you, being a guy with longer legs. “Stay away from me,” you warned, feeling the blood drain from your face as he continued to walk towards you. He continued, causing you to keep backing up until you felt your back hit a tree, and your knees felt like jelly. His cold fingers began to stroke your cheek, and tears began to stream down your face. “Oh sweetheart, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted you back,” he whispers, leaning in until you could feel his breath on your face. Your lips trembled and no words could escape your mouth, you didn’t want him anywhere near you but you didn’t want to fight back - you remembered what happened the last time you ever saw his face. He slapped you in the face, you could actually still feel the stinging pain on your cheek, even if that was more than a year ago. You actually believed he loved you, but that was a lie as well. He was insane, and violent, which was the main reason why you left him so long ago. “You’re mine, don’t you forget that,” he says before he crashed his lips onto your own. You tried to push him away, using up all of your strength, but he was still fighting back. He took your wrists and pinned them above your head, without breaking the kiss at all. “Bastard!” you heard someone yell, and he was suddenly pushed away from you. You see a flash of yellow, and instantly recognized that head of blonde hair. Luke pinned him up against a tree, holding him up by the collar as he swung his fist at your ex’s face. Your ex tried to get Luke’s hands off him, but failed miserably. You’ve never seen Luke so angry, he was enraged by now, his face contorted with anger, it was terrifying. He continued to beat him up until Luke busted your ex’s lip. Once he saw blood drip off, he withdrew his hand away from him, and you ran towards him. You pulled Luke away from the bloodied boy, but not before Luke could scream a warning at him to stay away from you. You led Luke away from the park, salty tears still streaming down your face from the fear. “Are you okay?” Luke suddenly asked, making you stop in your tracks. You turned to him, tears still trailing down on your cheeks and shook your head, “No,” You got on your knees and put your head in your hands, crying out. Luke kneeled down in front of you, pulling you into his chest as you cried into his shirt. “It’s okay, you’re safe now,” he whispered as he planted a firm kiss on the top of your head.

Should I do one where he defends you verbally??

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