What you mean to me (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Kay has been friends with zahn naill liam harry and louis sence they were kids. What will happen when all go on a road trip together. Feelings will be revealed and and love explored.


9. chapter 9

 I wake up the next morning even before my alarm does. I groan and get out of bed heading for the shower. I took a quick shower and found something to wear.

 I went to my closet and pulled out my suitcase. It's the last day until we leave for Disneyland. Liam had it all figured out. We would leave tommorow and fly to Michigan and take a tour bus down to florida. Harry had asked the thing I had been wanting.

 "Why don't we just fly down to Florida" Harry said .  

 "So we can have a long trip and spend more time together"Liam said.

 Liam gave Harry a glare and he threw his hands up in a way to show he was accepting it.

 This morning we are suppose to be meeting zahns girlfriend. I really hope the boys behave today. I start laughing when I hear Liam start to yell at them. I roll my eyes and make my way down stairs.

 Zahn is pacing by the door Niall is sprawled on the couch dreaming away Louis and Harry are on the floor yelling at cartoons and Liam is standing by rubbing his head in diar distress.

 I walk up to Liam and put my hand on his shoulder he looked relaxed now that I was here. I walk over to the tv and stand in front of it. Harry and Louis try to look around me.

 "As beautiful as you are love you can't distract me from cartoons" Louis says grinning when I blush.

 "You guys need to go upstairs and get dressed Angeline will be here soon" I say. They ignore me and I reach over and grab both their ears pulling them to the stairs. They groan and walk upstairs. 

 I walk back into the living room and wake Niall and make him go upstairs to get dressed. Liam thanks me before sitting on the couch in relief.

 Twenty minutes later the three came downstairs dressed pouting. They hold out their arms.

 "You guys wanna hug" I say as they nod their heads. Harry hugs me first squeezing me lightly then Louis hugs me tight wrapping his arms around my waist I hug him back. He doesn't let go and Niall starts to pout.

 "Liam Louis is hogging Kay" he whines. "It is my turn"

   "Louis let go of Kay" Liam says tired.

 He does what he's told and Niall pulls me into a hug. Smiling in victory. I laugh and hug him back. The door bell sounds and zahn opens the door. A beautiful girl walks in and hugs zahn. I watch as all four boys mouths drop and Liam runs over from the couch. She laughs at them. 

"Haven't you guys ever seen a girl before" she asks.

 "Not one as beautiful as you" Louis says. I feel my heart shatter as jealousy and hurt flood into my heart. Niall Liam and Harry reach over and slap him on the back of the head. 

"Asshole" they all whisper to him together motioning to me. Louis looks at me and immediately sees he upset me. He walks over and tries to take my hand but I pull away. I walk up to Angeline and give her a hug.

 "Hi I'm Kay it's nice to meet you" I say. She smiles happily back at me.

 "It's nice to meet you too" she says. 

 "Ignore them they can be pigs sometimes" I say laughing pulling her inside. She laughed and followed me. The boys properly enjoduced themselves as to not imbarrase zahn anymore.

 "So tell us about yourself" I say excited. 

"I grew up here in England I just graduated. Um my dad is a banker and my mum is a waiter. I met zahn at the market a month ago or so. We literally ran into eachother I guess it was fate for us" she says reaching over to kiss zahns cheek. We sat for awhile after that talking her telling jokes us all joining in. I can tell we are gonna be good friends. Which is good. We need another girl around here to help me keep these boys in line. 

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