What you mean to me (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Kay has been friends with zahn naill liam harry and louis sence they were kids. What will happen when all go on a road trip together. Feelings will be revealed and and love explored.


8. chapter 8

  I wake up to find myself in Louis's arms as he is carrying me inside.  He looked down and smiled but made no move to put me down. 

 "Are you tired do you want me to put you to bed" he asks. I just shake my head and tell him that I am okay and he carries me into the living room where the others are. When he sits down I move out of his lap to sit beside him much to his distaste.

  "So boys I've got something to share with you" zahn says looking around his eyes landing on me for support I walk over and sit next to him. He takes my hand and squeezes It for reassurance. They focused fully on us. Louis eyes held strange fear as he stared at our hands. 

 "There's this girl I've been seeing her name is Angeline" he says looking at them waiting for a response. Louis is the first one to responded staring between us happy. Relief washing over his face. 

  "Oh zahn when are we going to meet her" Louis says as he picks zahn up and spins him around. 

 The others agree to and wait for him to answer.

  "How about tommorow" he asks. 

 We all nod in approval and he heads out of the room to call her. Louis sits next to me and smiles the smile that has been missing for the last couple days. I can't help myself as I reach over and plant a soft kiss on his cheek. The look that floods in his eyes as I do is almost to good to resist. 

  Harry makes a grunting noise from the couch across the room and breaks the moment. Louis looks at him and glares as he gets up and runs to him tackling him over the back of the couch. We all break out laughing as they make a thud on the other side of the couch. I love these boys.

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