What you mean to me (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Kay has been friends with zahn naill liam harry and louis sence they were kids. What will happen when all go on a road trip together. Feelings will be revealed and and love explored.


7. chapter 7

 We finally made it to nandos and Niall raced out the car to the front door. We got out and followed him to where he wanted to sit. I sat down between Harry and zahn. The waiter came over quickly and took our orders. Everyone starts a conversation except me. I keep looking over at zahn who is looking down. He seemed like he'd rather be anywhere else.

 It hurt me to see him like this he's one of my best friends. I did the only thing I could think of. I reached over and took his hand under the table. His face brightened and he looked up at me locking our fingers together. He surprised me then though putting his head on my shoulder. I felt a since of comfort happy to have someone to hold me. I like to be cuddled. 

 Everyone stopped talking suddenly looking between me and zahn. I looked at them to see a shocked expression on their face. I immidiantly realized what they were thinking and looked over at Louis. Like earlier today Louis had lost the smile in his eyes. His eyes looked dark and his expression hurt. Before I could say anything he got up and made his way over to the bathroom. Everyone looked at me with angry expressions expect zahn who was now asleep on my shoulder. 

 I looked at them hurt and confused to why they were mad at me. Louis came out of the bathroom and payed the check grabbing his keys.

 "Come on let's go" I reached over trying to wake up zahn when Louis interrupted me. 

 "You can walk" he said to me.

 He has never talked to me like that before. He knew I was scared of the dark and he was trying to make me walk.  He turned without a second thought and left the Restaraunt the others following unsure if they should do. I felt tears fill my eyes as I looked down at zahn. I had never felt such a need to punch someone in my life. It was not his fault that Louis got all mad for no reason. I was hurt that my friends would ditch me like that. My best friends left me to walk in the dark. I don't think I've ever felt so betrayed.

 I pushed zahn off of me and he fell to the floor jumping up. I laughed at his confused face. I helped him up and started to tell him what happened. His face got angry and he held my hand real tight leading me outside. I felt myself start to sob as I realized it was darker than I had expected it to be. Zahn immidiantly put his arm around me to comfort me but it did no good. I couldn't do anything.

 "Why were you so upset" I ask trying to think of something else.

 "I've been seeing someone secretly" he says looking away from me. I looked at him surprised. 

"Why did you keep it from all of us" I ask

   "I didn't know how I felt about her" zahn says looking down.

 "I didn't want someone else's opinion affect my decision" he says reaching down to take my hand trying to comfort me.

 "I'm happy for you" I say with a smile on my face even though I am shaking from my fear.

 I looked down at my phone as it started to ring.

 "Hello" I say as I answer the phone.

 "Where are you" Louis's voice says frantic.

 "Walking home since someone and my friends left me to walk in the dark"

   "I wasn't going to let you walk alone I just wanted to scare you a little me and the boys were sitting out in the car and they were trying to calm me down by the time I came back in you were gone" he says still frantic as he tried to explain.

 I felt a little better now that I knew my friends didnt leave me. I also felt guilt for thinking they would. 

"Tell me where you are and I'll come get you" I could tell by his voice the he was looking already. I didn't want to see him right now though. I was still hurt that he would get mad at me for something that I don't even know I did.

"I don't need you I've got zahn here to keep me safe" I say trying to get him to leave me alone. I looked over at zahn who looked at me worried. I gave him a smile to try and reassure him but he knew I was still upset. I smiled as he took my hand happy for the comfort.

 I waited for Louis to respond but he had hung up.we walked in silence for a couple minutes. I tried to thank of anything but the dark that was everywhere around me.

 I turned around sharply as I heard a car speeding toward us. I felt relief and anger as the boys pulled up Louis jumping out and running toward me. He looked relieved to see me. I wanted to be mad but really couldn't as he wrapped his arms around me. I felt myself feel a hundred times better when his warm body wrapped around mine. I hug him back as I started crying.

 "I'm sorry I'm so sorry I won't do it ever again I won't leave you alone I can't stand the thought of losing you I don't want to lose you" Louis says in my ear.

 I didn't say anything just buried my head in his neck. I looked up for a second to see zahn smiling at us. I put my head back on his shoulder.

 "Can we go home" I ask Louis 

  "Yes love lets go home" he says carrying me to the car 

  Louis stopped to throw zahn the keys before he got in the car and sat down with me in his lap. The guys apologized to me a hundred times before we even pulled off I pulled away from Louis long enough to hug each of them and tell them it's okay. I turned back around and put my face in his neck. I fell asleep with Louis humming softly in my ear.

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