What you mean to me (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Kay has been friends with zahn naill liam harry and louis sence they were kids. What will happen when all go on a road trip together. Feelings will be revealed and and love explored.


4. chapter 4

I knock on his door waiting for a replie but I don't get one.

 "Louis open the door I want to talk to you " I say waiting.

 I open his door to see him laying on his bed clutching his pillow. I sit down beside him and pull him close. At first he doesn't respond but gives in hugging me back. 

"Did you mean it" he asks not looking at me.

 "No I was just kidding " I told him holding him tighter guilt worse because I'm the reason he is upset.

 "You have always had a special place with me" I say.

 "Really" Louis says his eyes smiling again.

 "Yes really you are my best friend you make me smile and laugh you make me feel safe and make me believe in you" I say watching beam at me.

 All of a sudden he pushes us back and lays his face in my neck holding onto me. I blush as he moves himself  closer.we lay there until we both fall asleep.

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