What you mean to me (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Kay has been friends with zahn naill liam harry and louis sence they were kids. What will happen when all go on a road trip together. Feelings will be revealed and and love explored.


3. chapter 3

 After Niall finished chasing Louis he came and sat back down beside me. Louis came in and jumped in the chair behind Harry peeking over his shoulder. I shook my head and turned back to Niall laughing at his mad face.

 I looked up as Liam cleared his throat and sat next to me.

" Guys I have a suprise" he said excited looking at us. We all smile and wait for him to continue.

 "We are going on a roadtrip " Liam says looking at us.

 " to where" Harry asks.

 " Disney world" he says looking at Louis waiting for his reaction. We turned and waited and on cue he jumped up and grabbed Liam in a hug. While they are hugging zahn sneaks and sits beside me.

 "I was sitting there" Liam says looking at zahn.

 "Mine now" zahn says scooting closer to me.

 "She doesn't want to sit with either of you she wants to sit with me" Louis says.

 "Nope I'd rather sit with zahn" I say kissing his cheek. I looked up at them as I wrapped my arms around zahn a neck him smiling in victory. I looked up and was faced with a very upset Louis. The smile that usually is in his eyes is dead and cold. He turns and stomps up the stairs slamming his door.

 "What is wrong with him" zahn asks.

 We looked at each other not sure what to do. Pain spread in my heart as I thought about Louis being upset.

 "I'm going to see if he is okay" I say heading up towards his room.

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