What you mean to me (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Kay has been friends with zahn naill liam harry and louis sence they were kids. What will happen when all go on a road trip together. Feelings will be revealed and and love explored.


2. chapter 2

I went downstairs to see niall watching tv. I could hear the other boys in the kitchen. i sat down next to Niall . "Hey" I said quietly while facing the tv."hey to you " he says putting his arm around my shoulders. We sat like that for awhile until the other boys joined us. Louis sitting on the other side of me. I took a moment to glance over at him. His hair was sticking up all over the place from when he slept and he had a slight pout face while staring at the tv. He looks so cute when he is pouting

 "Kay what are you staring at" Harry asks with a smirk.

"the tv" I say as the others turn to look at me a blush forming on my face.

 I look over at Louis to see him grinning down at me. I can feel my heart start to beat faster again. I close my eyes wishing it away but nothing happened. It kept on getting faster.

 "You alright love" Louis asks his face full of concern when I open my eyes. My eyes go wide as he places his hand on my thigh sending a surge through it.

  What is happening?

 Why do I feel this way? 

 Those to questions keep playing over and over again. I quickly stand up turning to head up stairs.

 "Where are you going"Louis asks as I move to get past him.

 "I have a headache I want to lay down for awhile" I told him. Which isn't a lie my head is pounding.

 "No don't go" Louis says pouting wrapping his arms around my waist and throwing me down on the couch the back of my head slamming into nialls poor balls. 

 " oops " Louis says getting up from the couch. I look over at Niall to see him glaring at Louis. Louis takes of screaming as Niall jumps up from under me chasing after him. We all laughed while Niall chased Louis around the house screaming.

 Louis is an idiot.

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