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you don't know what you have until it's gone


3. Two: "Queer"

I quietly walk into my first period class and slide into a seat second from the back. Biology has to be one of my worst subjects, I hate it. I love the practical activities, but loathe the theory and note taking.

I pull my textbook and notebook from my bag and slouch in my chair, waiting for Mr. Nelson to begin the class.

"Hey, Queer," I hear from in front of me.

I turn my head to be met with the eyes of Annabelle Plack, school slut and evil enthusiast. "What?"

"Did you remember to bring all of your school necessities today? Or did you forget your rope?" She breaks out into a fit of laughter, her friends joining in.

I roll my eyes. "So fucking hilarious Annabelle, really, I'm losing my breath from how much I'm laughing." I bite back. She scoffs and turns back to talk to her friends about some upcoming party.

"Good morning class, I trust you all had an eventful weekend and are ready to learn?" Mr. Nelson speaks. He's way too jolly for a Monday morning, which leaves me to groan in response.

"I take that as a yes. So, today, for the first half of the class you're going to be writing a hypothesis for the..." I drown him out and close my eyes as I rest my head on the desk.

I'm not queer by the way. Annabelle just enjoys making people's lives hell; she chooses a person to pick on about every five months. Lately it's been me. I really don't see her problem, her aim to upset people is upsetting, and a tad embarrassing if you ask me.

Almost the whole school, apart from my friends, just ignore me. I don't see why Annabelle wants to go out of her way to harass me when others don't give a shit. I'm just a queer, right?

In my mind, I'm a perfectly normal teenager. With an imperfect home life. I drink on occasion and I smoke. I tried killing myself once, so fucking what? Why does that change what everyone thinks about me, and why does everyone think it's their business?

Fuck all of them.

I'm pulled from my thoughts when I hear someone calling my name.

"Ellie, Ellieeee, earth to Ellie Overton,"

"Hm?" I lift my head off the desk.

"I have a question,"


"What did you write for the Aim? I'm kinda a little stuck," He asks, tapping his pencil against his desk.

"Uh, nothing, I haven't been listening... or working," I say slowly, a bit embarrassed, "sorry."

He nods and turns his attention back to the piece of paper in front of him, bringing his lower lip between his teeth in concentration.

After a whileーa while meaning a silent three minutesーI feel his eyes on me, and I begin to grow a tad uncomfortable.

"Yes, Calum?" I look at him, waiting for him to explain his sudden interest in the side of my head.

"Uh, nothing, I was just wondering if you were going to the party this weekend?" He slowly questions.

"The one the bitch and her followers are going to?" I mumble under my breath, meaning to be only for myself to hear, but I think Calum caught it.


"Nevermind, whose party is it?" I decide I don't really want to go into detail on my hatred for Annabelle.

He looks down to his desk then back up again. "Luke's,"

"Ugh, I don't know Cal, you know what Luke's like," I shake my head.

Luke isn't popular, just like us, seeing he's part of our small group. But he likes to think he is, so he more than often throws parties on weekends and invites all of the popular people. He doesn't seem to care though, nor do the people invited. I just cringe a lot when I see him trying to hook up with girls way out of his league while he's high and drunk.

Props to him for carrying the confidence that our friendship group seems to be lacking.

"I know, but he does know how to throw a hell of a party. There'll be drugs, and alcohol. Obviously. You should come," Calum has his ways of convincing.

I shrug. "Yeah, I probably will. Why not, have nothing else to do anyway,"

"Cool bananas, tell Liv to come too," he smiles, beginning to stuff his books into his bag. I didn't realise it was the end of class.

"Will do,"

I get up and quickly put my belongings into my bag and exit the classroom, making my way towards period two.

This is going to be a long fucking day, I can feel it.



this chapter is actually really boring so I apologise for that, but i'm still laying down key points and introducing characters and what not, so *cue sam smith* darlin' stay with me

thanks for reading :)


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