gone [a.i]

you don't know what you have until it's gone


1. Note & Copyright

hey guys, i'm cadhla (pronounced kayla). this is my first serious fanfiction so i hope you enjoy it!

this story is an AU, which means it can be read even though you aren't in the fandom.

everything beyond this point is copyrighted. plagiarism is in fact punishable by law, so i advise you to not attempt it. copyright ⓒ 2014 cadhla d.

DISCLAIMER: this novel is purely fictional. please do not associate the characters and events with the actual members of 5SOS. this is very important so please keep this in mind.

this fanfiction is rated PG-13, though some chapters/events are not appropriate for those aged below 13. this includes explicit language, physical and verbal abuse, self harm, use of drugs and alcohol and sex. you know your own mind better than i do, so please read at your own risk.

twitter- @centurystyles

instagram- @styuhls

thank you, happy reading! x


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