It all started with youtube......


2. Chpater 1

Chapter 1

I love mornings. I thought to myself as I lay in bed on my laptop. So far I had spent my whole morning watching other youtubers videos. I think it’s a productive way to spend your morning. Others don’t. I sat up slightly and started scrolling down a list of videos till one caught my eye. Harry Styles. I had heard of him from one of my good YouTube friends, Joe Sugg. Curiously, I clicked on the video. It was basically Harry explaining how he loved singing but had never sang for anyone so didn’t know if he was any good. Then he sang. Holy fuck he was amazing. He voice was incredible. I couldn’t believe he didn’t think he was any good. I was amazed by his voice I took twitter to tell everyone how amazing he was.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Just watched @Harry_Styles, new video. Wow, wow, wow, wow! His voice is incredible! Put me in a good mood for the rest of the day! Go check it out!!!!

After tweeting I walked down stairs to get my breakfast. I was starving by now. As I was eating my waffles my phone buzzed. It was a text from my good friend Zayn.

Hey Lou, wanna come right to mine in an hour or so? Xx

I replied back straight away telling him yes. Zayn is also a youtuber. Zayn is also another good singer. He mainly does covers of songs on his channel and all the girls love him. As for me I just make videos of me doing stupid stuff and for someone reason people enjoy. Not sure why though.

By now, I had finished my waffles and I walked up the stairs to get ready for Zayn’s house.


Harry’s POV

I’m afraid. What have I just done? I just posted a video of me singing that the whole world can see, and guess what? I CAN’T SING! I took a deep breath and decided to distract myself with a bit of TV.  It didn't work, I just couldn't concentrate. I decided I would go Twitter to see if anyone had said anything. I smiled when I saw all the positive comments my viewers had tweeted me. It really lifted my spirits. I carried on scrolling before I found a tweet from another youtuber Louis Tomlinson.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Just watched @Harry_Styles, new video. Wow, wow, wow, wow! His voice is incredible! Put me in a good mood for the rest of the day! Go check it out!!!!

I couldn’t believe it. People actually thought I was good. People thought I could sing. I quickly typed a reply to Louis.

@Harry_Styles: @Louis_Tomlinson. Thank you so much. I didn't think I was that good at all!

I spent the rest of the morning of twitter replying to peoples comments. I couldn't believe they actually thought I could sing.  


A/N~ Two updates in one day yay!! Thank you for reading i appreciate it. I know the chapters are still short but trust me they will got longer and they will get more exciting!

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