Zoella-If anxiety took over

A reasonably short read, just a story about if Zoella had let anxiety take over, she never would be where she is today


3. 2011- primark

It was February 2011 and I was in bed, as usual, I I hadn't made the cut the previous year in work so I pretty much lived in bed, I got up from time to time to go shopping, especially at primark but other than that I lived off whatever form of microwave food I could find in my mums fridge.

I got back from the shops on day and texted one of my friends, 'went to primark, bought heaps' she quickly replied 'show me on Skype'. I grabbed my laptop and called her, "all right, lemme see!" I grabbed my bags and pulled them onto my bed next to me, in the end it was like a catwalk after I had shown her each outfit as I tried it on. "That was actually really good, you know I think people would like to see stuff like that, i mean primark isn't available to everyone so I bet people would want to see what is being sold-"

"No," I sighed, "no, no showing, no." She gave me a puzzled look and smiled, "thanks for showing me Zo, gotta go, love ya,"

The screen went blank and I sighed.

Baby Glitter was on her way, no one was able not give the news on Louise's channel so we didn't find out until a few days after the birth,Darcey was gorgeous, and I saw the most perfect onesie for her in primark, I left a comment saying so and lay back into my bed, it was going to be a long year.

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