Zoella-If anxiety took over

A reasonably short read, just a story about if Zoella had let anxiety take over, she never would be where she is today


1. 2009 'I didn't say yes'

It was February 2009 and I was on. My way home from the interior design office. I was sitting next to a fellow apprentice Kate on the bus, she was nice enough but no real friend.

"You look great today Zoe"

"Oh thanks"

"No I mean you have a great sense of style, thanks to that advice you have me on Monday I've been getting compliments all week, you should start a blog or something,"

Bianca, another apprentice leaned over her seat and smiled, "sorry to butt in but Zoe you really would be a great blogger, I mean your really pretty, well this is my stop,see you later,"

Kate stood up aswell,"mine too, so blog?"

I shrugged, " I don't think so,"

"Think about it" said Kate as she left the bus, I waited on the bus in silence reading my book when my phone buzzed, it was Kate, 'how about that blog?" My finger hovered over the Y as I decided but what if I messed up? What if everyone hated it? The whole world would think of me as a blogger fail! I couldn't! Those damn butterflies rose up in my stomach so to calm them I quickly replied 'no'.

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