You think I can forget you

"Why??? What have I done to him???", I cryed to my best friends Anastasia, Myrto and Marietta.
"Relax Angela... Luke Hemmings is just another bad boy who will never change...", Anastasia said glancing at the boys who were laughing at me...
Today Angela's 18 years old, she doesn't cry and can handle her life problems. But mostly, she's not a high school student and isn't in love with Luke Hemmings as she used to when she was 16.


3. She's gone...

We got off the stage after 1 hour non-stop rehearsing. God, we were soooo nervous at first, but when we finished the first song and saw that they liked it, we were very confident. In a few minutes the restaurant was closed and we had to go to our night job in a bar.

"Wow, that was so crazy, wasn't it???", I said

"Well yeah it was. They like what we do, that's awesome!!! Well, we have to go, we're late.", Anastasia said.

We entered the bar and got immediately to the barman and me best friend Nick to get our clothes and name tags.

I got changed and walked out of the bathroom. I looked around and suddenly the bad think happened.

Mr Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and another boy who wasn't in our school, Ashton Irwin came and sat at a table.

I was looking terrified of what was going to happen.

N(ick).: "Ang, on the table 12 please."

A(ngela).: "Got it Nick."

Before I go to their table, I searched for another name tag, and fortunately, I found one with the name April on it. Nick and the girls were looking at me confused, then they all looked at the table and turned around facing me shocked.

An(astasia).: "Are those the assholes??? With an actual FRIEND???"

M(yrto): I thought I got rid of them a year before, but I was wrong!!!"

A.: "Ok lads, I'll explain you later, but first, I have to serve the bad boys."

I walked straight through their table. I felt 4 pair of eyes looking at me, one with big shocked eyes. Luke's...

A.: "What would you like??"

C(alum).: "You in the bed."

Before I could answer, Hemmings caught me off by telling angrily to Calum:

L.: "Shut up man, you don't know her from yesterday!!!"

C.: "Do you know her from yesterday???"

L.: "No, but I know her from today. Her name's April West, she's 18, she's studying law and she was borned and raised in Greece until she was 12. Something else???"

C.: "You actually met someone who looks EXACTLY like Angela Pennigton and didn't told us???", Oh Gooood, I'm dying!!!

L.: "Why should I tell you everything I do in my life???"

C.: "Dude, Angela was the love of your life!!!", Wait WHAT???

L.: "Yeah, but she's not. Angela's gone..."

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