You think I can forget you

"Why??? What have I done to him???", I cryed to my best friends Anastasia, Myrto and Marietta.
"Relax Angela... Luke Hemmings is just another bad boy who will never change...", Anastasia said glancing at the boys who were laughing at me...
Today Angela's 18 years old, she doesn't cry and can handle her life problems. But mostly, she's not a high school student and isn't in love with Luke Hemmings as she used to when she was 16.


1. Prologue

My name'a Angela Pennington, I'm from Sidney, Australia and I'm 18 years old. I'm studying law but I'm also in a new girl band. Right now I'm driving to my mums new restaurant. Anastasia, Myrto, Marietta and me are going to sing tonight.

So I'm driving to the restaurant. And my car just went off...

"Fuck!!!", I screamed

I got out of my car. Sooooo stupid. Just sitting in the rain doing nothing. Suddenly a big black Jeep stopped in front of me.

The driver looked at me and opened the door.

"Hey beautiful, would you like me to drop you somewhere???"

He was handsome with blue stunning eyes and blonde hair. Yeah, he hadn't change at all.

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