You think I can forget you

"Why??? What have I done to him???", I cryed to my best friends Anastasia, Myrto and Marietta.
"Relax Angela... Luke Hemmings is just another bad boy who will never change...", Anastasia said glancing at the boys who were laughing at me...
Today Angela's 18 years old, she doesn't cry and can handle her life problems. But mostly, she's not a high school student and isn't in love with Luke Hemmings as she used to when she was 16.


5. Chapter 4


L.: "I'm SO SO sorry, I didn't mean to!!! I just, really like you and I'd like to start a thing with you, and I couldn't help myself, I'm sorry!!!", he said after this breathtaking kiss. Wait, he just told me he wanted to make a thing with me?!?!

A.: "Yeah that's ok, but you just said you want to make a thing with me??"

L.: "I... Ummm. Well, I can't hide you the truth... I want to start a relationship with you, if possible..."

A.: "Luke, I will think of it first.. We don't even know each other well."

L.: "Yeah I know but here's the thing... It feels like I know you for AGES... You make me feel comfortable and, for some reason, I feel bad when I see you, like I did something that hurt you."

Oh REALLY?! If you only knew who I really am...

A.: "Oh, umm that's what I'm talking about. Let's just meet each other well first and then, we'll see how it'll go..."

L.: "Agree... So, wanna have a ride back home??"

A.: "Yeah sure."

He drove me back home. The whole atmosphere was so uncomfortable. The only thing that we were listening to was the radio. I didn't understand how the time past so there we were, in the front of my door.

A.: "Thanks for the ride, see you around."

But before I turn around, he grabed my wrist and tell me.

L.: "Let's go out on a date. Not a boyfriend-girlfriend date, a just-friends date. So we can meet each other and hang out. What do you think??"

A.: "Uhhh ok, where and when?"

L.: "Ummm tommorow at 6 at Ummm... The Domino's??"

A.: "Sure!!!"

L.: "I'll pick you up???"

A.: "If you want to..."

L.: "Great...!!! So.... ITS A DATE!!!!"

A.: "A just-friend date hun... See you tommorow."

L.: "Sweet dreams.!!"

They will be as long as I'm dreaming you.

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