You think I can forget you

"Why??? What have I done to him???", I cryed to my best friends Anastasia, Myrto and Marietta.
"Relax Angela... Luke Hemmings is just another bad boy who will never change...", Anastasia said glancing at the boys who were laughing at me...
Today Angela's 18 years old, she doesn't cry and can handle her life problems. But mostly, she's not a high school student and isn't in love with Luke Hemmings as she used to when she was 16.


4. Chapter 3

As the boys were still talking about ME, I was in my own world with lots of flashbacks and really bad memories from high school.


I was in my locker picking up the books and stuff for the next period. I suddenly felt a something breaking on my head and running down my hair.

I turned around and saw Luke, Michael and Calum with dozens of eggs in their hands and the rest students laughing and pointing at me.

I started running on the ladies room. I was half way there when I saw Anastasia, Marietta and Myrto looking at me and then running behind me. We got in and locked the door.

A.: "Why??? What have I done to them???", I cried to the girls.

M.: "Don't worry, I'll put my brother to take care of them."

A.: "You always say that Mariet, for haw long will be this happening???"

My.: "Stop saying that, they will stop, they will understand that they're acting like 3-year-olds and leave you alone."

A.: "I can't take this anymore!!!", I then started crying harder, when someone kicked the door.

I saw Nick and George standing there looking at me and then each other.

M.: "Well that's something I didn't expect. Nick and my brother in the ladies room. Ok, that's awkward."

N.: "Yeah whatever..."

G.: "What happened??? Is fucking Luke again??? Don't worry, I will put him in his place later."

A.: "Thanks G... I really appreciate what you're doing for me."

If it wasn't George, the most famous boy in school plus my best friend, I don't know what I would do.

G.: "Nothing babycakes... Love you girls see ya later."

We then started taking the eggs off my head, and when we were done, we walked back to class

A voice brought me back to reality.

C.: "Hey, can we order now???"

A.: "Uhh yeah sure..."

I wrote down their orders and gave them to Nick. When he was done with their drinks, he gave me the disk and got them to their table. 10 minutes had been past and they asked to pay. They gave me the money and leave.

After a really hard night, we cleaned the club and handed out the money of the night. We then said goodbye to each other and walked to our houses. But then, I felt someone following me, then grabing my hand force me to look at him. I saw those blue stunning eyes staring at me, then leaning and kiss me.

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