You think I can forget you

"Why??? What have I done to him???", I cryed to my best friends Anastasia, Myrto and Marietta.
"Relax Angela... Luke Hemmings is just another bad boy who will never change...", Anastasia said glancing at the boys who were laughing at me...
Today Angela's 18 years old, she doesn't cry and can handle her life problems. But mostly, she's not a high school student and isn't in love with Luke Hemmings as she used to when she was 16.


2. Chapter 1

"Sooo.... Where are we going???", he said looking at me.

"Umm, at a new restaurant. It's called "Palace".

"Ok...", started driving.

"Firstly, my name'a Luke Hemmings and I'm in the band 5SOS... What about you???"

"Well.... I.... Um...." Should I tell him the truth??? No I won't.

"I'm April West, I'm 18 and I was born and raised until my 12 in Greece."

"That's hot!!! So, April. You really look like someone I used to know when I was in high school", God damn it!!!

"But you're too good to be her.", Okay, it would be my fault if I fucking tell him "Well yeah, I'm Angela Pennington, the one and only that you hated the most, now what the fuck are you saying I'm too good to be her??? What bad do I have???". But I won't. I will just change the topic of the discussion.

"I think we are here.", yeah nice change of the topic.

"Wait!!! Can I have your number???"

"Of course..... Here."

"Thanks, I'll call you.", he said and drove away.

Okay, calm down, it was just Luke Hemmings the bad boy of your high school. YEAH, AND MY BIGGEST CRUSH EVER.

"Hey babycakes, who was that hottie???", my brother screamed.

"Shut up Konstantine!!!"

"Stop acting like 3-year-olds, you're adults now. Angela my love would you like to come in and get this party starteeeed???", my mum said.

"REALLY??? You call that a PARTY???"

"Yeah, a party for elderly people..."

"Konstantine, stop making fun of your loving mother!!!"

"Hahahahahahaha.... Oh you were serious..."

I walked in the restaurant to see my Besties practicing the songs.

"What up what up???"

"I will tell you what is up. In like 2 minutes we're going to actually rehearse on THAT thing *pointing on the HUGE stage* and we haven't even practice any of the songs. So get your ass down and work!!!"

"Okay okay, we got it you're nervous!!!"

"Okay.... Let's do this shit...", she said as we were walking up the stage.

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