Delta is infected with a virus. She has no idea how she was infected or how to cure it.


1. The Virus

Where am I? The last 24 hours were a blank. My whole life was a total blank. I shiver. What had happened to me? What could I remember? Nothing.


I sit up. My eyes open. Was I blind? I couldn't recall. My head was swimming. Groping around in the darkness I touch something cold and hard. A wall? I wasn't sure. I feel more of it. Yep it was a wall. Gently I lean against it. Pain erupts on from my left shoulder. Had I somehow hurt myself?


I touch my shoulder. It was burning hot and glowing slightly. A single spidery vein inched its way over the top of my shoulder. My eyes widen. What was it?


“Don't touch it.” A sound emits from the darkness


Who was there?


“Who are you?” My voice trembles


The person, he, laughs, a forced laugh. “Xenos.”




“Yes,” I hear him shift “And who are you.”


My name catch in my throat “Delta.”


His breathing is closer now, to close. I shrink away.


Even in the dark I know he is studying me. I curl up into a ball. My shoulder starts to throb.


“The virus is taking a hold.” He says


My shoulder is glowing again


“Virus?” I can see him now.


His pale skin is framed by dark chocolate hair; his eyes are a creamy brown. One spidery line creeps up his cheek. It doesn't make him ugly it actually suits him.


The glow from my shoulder subsides bring the darkness back.


“It hurts.” I whisper


“I know.” His voice is sad “You will get use to it.”


Gently he touches my arm. I don't shrink away.


“Why are we here?” I ask quietly


“No idea.” Was the reply “You should rest. It will ease the pain.”


I curl back up into a ball and rest my head on the cold ground. My eyes close but no sleep comes. The pain ebbs like the tide never going away complete but coming back with full force.


“How long have you been here?”


“I don't know. A long time. You are the first person I have seen since I have been here.”


“Do you have the virus?” Was that what the spidery lines were?




I hear him get up and move away.


“How long have you had it?”


“As long as I have been here.” His tone of voice told me he didn't want to say anything else.


A wave of pain hits me. The world sways beneath me and I black out.



Light creeps in under my closed eyelids. I open them. Xenos was sitting in on corner. He was glowing. The spidery lines covered most of his left arm and half of his right. I stare.

He turns around. The lines snaked out from under his shirt and around his neck.


“Are they all over you?” My voice is distant “Is that what will happen to me?”


Xenos faces me. He sighs and pulls of his shirt. His torso was a net work of lines. They never touched each other but covered every available space. On his left shoulder was a round circle the size of small coin. It pulsed with his every breath.


“I don't know what happens when there is no room left for the lines to grow.” He turns to me


There was a sadness in his voice like he could guess what might. Death.


“How...” I start again “How much room do you have left?”


Xenos looks at his arm “What you see.”


His face and arm. I look at my own arm now covered in lines.


He gasps “Yours are growing faster then mine.”


I realize that with the rate the virus infected my body I had the same time left as Xenos did.

We had to find a cure. Someone must be out there. No help. No way out. We must be locked in this room for a reason. What reason? Why were we here? We must get out.





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