sucidal teen

it is katelyns first day of highschool after the big move she trying to lay low at her new friends but wether she wants to or not she makes friends even though shes depressed. maybe shell find love next.


1. first day of high school

Hi my name is katelyn roman and today is my first day of high school. As i walked inside i saw all the students wearing vibriant colors. As i was wearing a gray sweater with black skinny jeans with my lone black hair put up in to a messy bun. As i was walking down the trying to find my first lass with Mr.shoe a very small girl who couldnt have been more than 15 or 16 years old stopped my and complimented me on my hazel. I had always got compliments like that so i said thanks and started to walk. Then i felt somebody tap me on the back. It was the small girl again she said, " I didnt catch you name". I said " Oh my name is katelyn". The bell was going to ring so i asked the irl if she knew where Mr.shoe's Class was? Its dwon the hall and to the left. i said " Thanks" and walked towards my class. As i walked into class every one was looking at me. It was proably because i was in only 9th grade taking 10th classes. As every one was watching me i walked up to the teacher to make sure i was in the right class. You are indeed in the right class miss roman why don't you have a seat in the back he said. As I made my way down the aisle I could here people whispering things about me. I could only make out a few things like emo, cutter, Goth. I sat down quietly and did my work which was easy since reading is my best subject.
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